Glen Hansard Finally Does What the Frames Never Could

That is, win the attention of the American public. His rock group the Frames have been huge in their native Ireland for years, but despite consistently high-quality output, they’ve never been able to amass much of a U.S. following. Finally, with the 2007 indie film Once (in which Hansard acted and co-wrote the soundtrack), he’s got our ears. “Falling Slowly,” the single from the soundtrack and currently a staple over at KFOG radio, was honored Sunday night at the Oscars with the award for Best Song. There’s some irony that Hansard’s biggest song in the U.S. came from a low-budget art movie and not one of the Frames albums (like, say, their latest, 2007’s The Cost, which also happens to contain “Falling Slowly”) and this wasn’t lost on him: “This is amazing! What are we doing here? This is mad!” he exclaimed during his acceptance speech. After all, the movie was made on two Handicams over three weeks for a mere $100,000. Hansard always considered the film, and acting in general, a minor side project to his work with the Frames. Go figure. Maybe all the new fans he’s made through Once will finally decide to pick up a Frames record or concert ticket. After the jump, see a YouTube clip of Hansard and Once co-star Marketa Irglova performing “Falling Slowly” at the Oscars.

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