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.Getting Bullish

For the week of January 26-February 1, 2011.

music in the park san jose

The routines of daily life blaze by in a fast-forward flash this week, and before you can scratch another chore off your to-do list, it’s on to the next. Even if you have nothing to do, doing nothing feels like getting a lot done. I know what you’re thinking: “We must be in an anti-retrograde something or other.” And while that would be one way of describing this “how much can you pack into a day” stream, another, more accurate description would be: “Welcome to Jupiter, in Aries, where motion and movement are irrepressible and the desire to expand is irresistible.”

Ah … what would we do without Aires impulse or action? There’s no need to answer that question, today or even tomorrow. We have a little time (though not too much) to explore Jupiter’s journey through Aries, from a personal and collective perspective.

Jupiter’s passage through Aries is quick; it entered Aries on January 22 and stays there until June 4. It made its first foray into Aries in June 2010, when it formed an exact conjunction with Uranus on June 8, and remained there until September 8, when it retrograded back into Pisces. (No one needs to be reminded about just how wild last summer was — we are still dealing with the consequences and trying to make sense of the shifts.) But as Jupiter moves into Aries again, it leaves Uranus behind in Pisces until March 11, and the dissolution of that partnership translates into a smoother ride. Busy, yes, but not as likely to challenge nervous systems to the point of breakdown by overriding common sense.

Aries doesn’t have the best astrological reputation, and is often criticized for its impatience and impulsivity. “Aries likes to start but fails to finish,” common wisdom says. Maybe there is some truth to that astrological cliché. But I like to think of Aries as the impulse to move. It is the pure fire of ambition seeking to realize its will through action. When that urge for individuation combines with Jupiter, all sorts of accomplishments are possible. Be prepared for lots of people, including yourself, to be motivated to pursue new goals.

Among Jupiter’s many characteristics, it signifies religion as well as law and justice. As that spiritual bent merges with the forthright perspective of Aries, you may find yourself exploring different belief systems. What’s more, because Aries symbolizes the warrior archetype, Jupiter’s journey is certain to inspire the inclination to take a stand for what you believe in. Interestingly, Aries, despite its tendency toward self-involvement, often has a clear and unfettered passion for social justice. And when that fire combines with the generosity of Jupiter, taking a stand for others, especially those in need of advocates and protectors, is likely to become a frequent occurrence.

On an entirely different note, Saturn begins a retrograde phase on January 26 that lasts until June 12. This is a significant review, but it’s not likely to nullify the rapid and invigorating pace of Jupiter’s transit through Aries.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Now that Jupiter is stoking your personal fire, it’s important to maintain an even keel in your relationships, personal as well as professional. Address your needs, but also be considerate of the needs of others.

TAURUS Rather than brooding over what isn’t working as well as it should, figure out how refining your role could improve the situation. This is not about taking the blame; it’s about creating a positive response.

GEMINI It’s a balancing act — and no, I don’t have you confused with Libra — with the goal of figuring out how to create a more moderate approach toward partnerships, personal and professional.

CANCER Focus on what it is you would like to accomplish, and aim those aspirations high. Just be aware that most dreams require a team, so instead of thinking you have to do everything, invite others to share the journey.

LEO Yes, your plate is full, and that makes it even more necessary for you to create a precise plan of action. Contemplate not only what you want to accomplish, but also how you want the process to unfold.

VIRGO The only way you could miss these financial opportunities is by refusing to take care of the details. So put procrastination behind you and simply get to work.

LIBRA Be thoughtful and intentional with your decisions. You’re on the threshold of a new relationship cycle, and every choice will contribute to how this next phase unfolds.

SCORPIO It’s a communication issue that requires you to be clear and direct about what you want and need. If you are honest with yourself and others, your candor will be greatly appreciated.

SAGITTARIUS Before you decide on a course of action you might later regret, understand this: Money, while essential, is not a god, and treating it as transcendent force only makes matters worse.

CAPRICORN Instead of rejecting or denying your disturbed internal state, allow it to teach you. Treat each disturbance as a symptom of an issue that needs attention, and you’ll start a profound growth process.

AQUARIUS Even if people aren’t listening as closely as you would like them to, you’re going to say it anyway. Great. You don’t really need an audience. All you need is a blank page and enough time to write your masterpiece.

PISCES Seize the creative moment, trust your imagination, and translate those musings into the medium that best suits your talents. Not every idea will win a prize, but enough will be recognized to satisfy your need to succeed.


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