From the Shadows of the Psyche

For the week of June 1-7, 2011.

For the next several weeks, a network of astral activity signals the potential for significant shifts in the routines of daily life. These changes, both personal and collective, happen quickly — so quickly, in fact, that you’ll need to be careful not to strain yourself trying to keep up. Persistent attempts to mimic the cosmic pace could result in psychic whiplash. Be aware that information drives these shifts, and some of us are likely to feel discombobulated or disoriented by an overload of data, especially when it alters compass headings and sets some of us traveling in an entirely different direction. What’s more, extreme emotional sensitivity is also probable, as previously veiled places of the heart are revealed, and feelings long held at bay surge to the surface of interactions. But that’s not all: Because this is an eclipse season, time feels distorted, and that irregularity exacerbates a sense of dislocation. As always, try to remember: We are all going through this together, and a kind word or gesture to a fellow traveler could have a powerful, positive effect.

A solar eclipse in Gemini, on June 1, is at the epicenter of this week’s shifts. When the Moon overshadows the Sun, what’s unconscious dominates conscious concerns, and because Gemini gathers and disseminates data, all sorts of unconscious information could emerge from the shadows of psyche, personal and collective. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly remember a lifetime on Alpha Centauri that explains why Star Trek is so pivotal to your worldview. Also be prepared for emotional realizations about the power of relating. Saturn, in Libra, trines both the Sun and the Moon during this solar eclipse, a position that is likely to skew some of the emerging data toward relationship issues. Be prepared for heartfelt encounters about what could have been, what should have been, and what is still possible. Saturn has been retrograde since January, but on June 12, it goes direct. This change in direction is likely to ground some of the recent relationship issues and emotional revelations into concrete action.

But before that, on June 2, Neptune begins a retrograde phase that will last until November. Neptune is the Olympian God of the sea and also the Ruler of Pisces. It symbolizes the waters of the world, and in the astrological system, the waters of psyche, conscious and unconscious. Part of its initial entry into Pisces, on April 4, literally opened the floodgates with torrential rainstorms and the catharsis of heartfelt tears for those suffering from floods and tornados.

And there’s more: On Saturday, June 4, Jupiter, the planet of great good fortune, moves into Taurus, the Sign of earthy sensuality. It’s a combination certain to arouse lusty appetites, a desire for comfort, and the need for creative expression. Life is the greatest garden you will ever plant, and while Jupiter is in Taurus, the potential for gorgeous growth is gigantic.

The good news is that while the current planetary patterns are intense, they also provide opportunities for deep transformation, through great leaps of creative and spiritual faith. Be courageous as well as hopeful about the possibility of positive change.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Be courageous, and share your feelings with significant others. If you are true to yourself, that authenticity will catalyze a profound shift in attitude — yours and theirs — as well as a change in behavior.

TAURUS If you only measure your worth in dollars and cents, you will never know your true value, and that would be a shame because you are so much more than a bank account.

GEMINI You may not be surprising yourself, but your recent behavior is definitely astonishing others. Continue to be true to you, and you’ll emerge from this identity crisis reborn.

CANCER Keep a dream journal handy, and pay attention to your dreams even if they seem strange. They are delivering important information from the depths of your unconscious.

LEO There are opportunities for powerful synchronicities, so notice who comes into your life; before you try to pigeonhole their role, ask yourself what he or she is mirroring to you.

VIRGO There are important career choices to be made, but making clear decisions requires gathering the right information. Give yourself enough time to assess the data, and you’ll make the right move.

LIBRA The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality, so be clear about what you want and what you need. If you’re certain about what matters most to you, you’ll find others who share a similar vision.

SCORPIO Consider the entire situation an opportunity to improve your skill in handling difficult changes. But don’t forget to acknowledge just how hard you worked to make the transition go smoothly.

SAGITTARIUS Either significant others reveal important information or you deliver important data to them. Either way, remember to keep breathing. Even if some of what’s said is disturbing, your innate sense of irony will see you through.

CAPRICORN Rather than take your strong constitution for granted, pay attention to your health and notice where you could improve your fitness habits. Exercise, nutrition, meditation — whatever will keep you healthy.

AQUARIUS Give yourself permission to fall in love with everyone you meet for at least five minutes, and you’ll shift yourself out of the doldrums. Not every spark will start a fire, but that doesn’t mean flirting can’t be fun.

PISCES Let the light move through the broken pieces and you’ll find the mosaic of your life to be far more beautiful than previously imagined. And then, just for a moment, be glad to be you.

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