Focus Your Mind’s Eye

For the week of October 12-18, 2011.

The planets promote a psychedelic perspective this week that’s likely to make daily life more than a little confusing. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dealing with a sense of dislocation, confused about time, or just plain wondering how you became separated from the Mothership. For many, the remedy for social and psychic disorientation could be a quick refresher on creating our own reality. For others, unaware of the notion of karma, regular routines might provide the only constant through a maze of shifting schedules and priorities. Put simply: It’s a trippy week, and staying grounded in the here and now is going to require a special effort.

Neptune plays a key role in this week’s psychedelic signature. A Mercury/Neptune trine heightens imaginative faculties, and while this trine doesn’t last long — it’s over by the weekend — it has a lingering, poetic after-effect that is perpetuated by a Sun/Mercury trine that lasts until nearly the end of the month. While Sun/Neptune contacts can produce hypersensitivity, this trine has the potential to transform susceptibility into a powerful capacity for receptivity. Use this trine to enhance your meditative experiences, especially the visualizations. For those not inclined toward meditation, this Sun/Neptune trine also amplifies artistic inspiration and expression. Another benefit of this positive configuration is increased empathy for others. This is where you might encounter relationship issues, given the Sun/Neptune tendency to merge. Handle the intensity of this energy by keeping good boundaries.

And speaking of relationships and boundaries … this week, the never-ending relationship intensive is symbolized by a Sun/Saturn conjunction, in Libra, the Sign of relating. Normally, this conjunction represents the sort of critical attitude that seizes on imperfections or withdraws as a way of avoiding contact. But what’s interesting about this particular conjunction is that it occurs in the midst of a Sun/Neptune trine, which means that rather than experiencing its flaw-finding voice, we are likely to feel its presence as an opportunity to solidify spiritual aspirations into applied behavior.

The ongoing Jupiter/Pluto trine continues to ask us to consider our relationship to power, personal and collective. Jupiter, currently in Taurus, represents the principal of expansion — physical as well as metaphysical. Pluto, currently in Capricorn, represents the principal of transformation. Taurus symbolizes material resources. Capricorn symbolizes governments and corporations. This trine often signifies uprisings, something we can see quite clearly through the Occupy Wall Street movement. Perhaps the Jupiter/Pluto trine will help restore power to the people.

One of the best ways to navigate this week and coming weeks is to rely on the first rule of magic: Whatever you focus your attention on becomes your reality. Yes, I know I’ve used this line many times, but that doesn’t diminish its truth — or its power. Pay close attention to what occupies your mind as well as your heart, and see if you can discern how your concerns determine your reality. As always, try to be patient with others less skilled or experienced at conscious co-creation. It’s actually quite a complex process.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES The magic is in getting the job done. This is not the time to slack off, and even though you’ve been working very hard, there is still more to do. So roll up your sleeves and tackle the next phase by giving it all you’ve got.

TAURUS Try not to let minor details blind you to the big picture. Yes, the details are important, but if you consider them little hassles along the way to great success, they will disappear without a trace.

GEMINI Take the time to focus on what will bring you joy, and you’ll strengthen your commitment to your own happiness. Don’t confuse this with fortune-cookie advice; this is a prescription for personal satisfaction.

CANCER Allow yourself to become immersed in creative projects and before you realize it, you’ll be surrounded by friends and family who are eager to participate wholeheartedly in your vision.

LEO Honor your need for a beautiful environment, and you’ll be on your way to creating greater harmony at home. Renovations don’t always have to be lavish; they just need to please body, mind, and spirit.

VIRGO Words are often a magician’s greatest tool; they have the power to seduce, cajole, comfort, and soothe. Use yours wisely, and you’ll calm a potentially volatile situation.

LIBRA Financial concerns could override all others, depending on how you handle the situation. Be extravagant, and the consequences could be severe. Be circumspect, and your assets should increase.

SCORPIO External appearances aren’t always what they seem, but there’s no need for you to worry about being misunderstood. Be clear, direct, and precise, and conscious about what you want to say and why.

SAGITTARIUS Your dreams could reveal powerful information about what’s needed for you to feel deeper personal satisfaction. Make an effort to write them down, and then allow your imagination to analyze their meaning.

CAPRICORN It really is about allowing yourself to have fun, so rather than dwelling on all that still needs doing, relax. Focus on enjoying yourself, and those around you will celebrate your joy.

AQUARIUS While your iconoclastic nature thrives on alternative choices, rather than swimming against the current, just for the sake of it, try flowing with it. You might be surprised by the result.

PISCES As if by magic, your words have the power to unlock ideas in the minds of those you most need to influence — or simply convince to see your point of view. Use this power skillfully, and the right people are likely to do the right thing.


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