.Five Rock Fogies in Concert: $15,000

Think ticket prices are getting a bit too big to swallow these days? Not down with the $10 convenience charge? Ear Bud’s got your back on that, but here’s something else altogether: five old rockers who evidently don’t give a shit about their cred — Prince, Billy Joel, Dave Matthews, Tom Petty, and James Taylor — have lined up to play five gigs over five consecutive mid-July days (correction: 7/14, 7/28, 8/4, 8/11, and 8/25) in East Hampton, NY. Five-day passes (the only way they’re sold) cost $15,000. Hey Baby Boomers, way to assert your cultural relevance!
The so-called “Social” series is plainly after rich folk who don’t mind dropping 15 grand just to say they did. Beyond the music (which most attendees probably won’t give a damn about anyway), the festival offers free parking, artist exhibitions, celebrity chefs, and deluxe seating including daybeds, ottomans, and Moroccan pillows, reports the Wall Street Journal. Most importantly, Social offers the ability to see and be seen to a live soundtrack of inoffensive dinosaur rock. WSJ also reports the performers can probably expect a seven-figure pay-off. What a scam.


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