.Finally, KPFA Reinstates Brian Edwards-Tiekert with Back Pay

Sadly, that doesn’t mean the “Morning Mix” show is going away. But it does at least mean a small victory for well-liked former Morning Show reporter Brian Edwards-Tiekert, who was laid off out of seniority order. KPFA’s rather complex union contract embraces the principle of first-hired, last-fired — except when the person on the chopping block has some kind of indispensable skill. Yet, Tiekert’s supporters argue that he was fired for being critical of the Pacifica board. Three months have passed since the famous “last Morning Show” broadcast in which Edwards-Tiekert, co-host Aimee Allison, and producer Aileen Alfandary battled with Pacifica director Arlene Engelhardt on the air, and in the interim the two laid-off morning show hosts both filed union grievances.


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