.Fanciest Cocktails With Instructions

Here's How

There’s a 2012 Portlandia sketch about a mixologist who sweeps a patron off her feet with his mind-blowing drinks made from unusual ingredients — like love. That bit of satire isn’t far off from what new craft cocktail bar Here’s How is offering. The only differences are that the ingredients in many cases are actually quite simple. But a lot of love goes into making the cocktails at Here’s How. It’s the brainchild of owner Jennifer Colliau, a familiar face in the Bay Area bar scene. Folks can watch their drinks being made as the mixologists painstakingly stir the drinks with thermostats so that they’re served at just the right temperature, or as their ice is being carved with a machine that looks like it could be used to make doorknobs. The menu provides recipes for the cocktails along with photos, so folks can not only enjoy the fresh ingredients of the drinks but discuss or recreate their specific properties with their friends. There’s even a food menu that offers everything from Peruvian ceviche to pickled eggs and pretzels.


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