.Ex-Chron Editor Finds Something to Do

While San Francisco Chronicle columnist Chip Johnson is busy doing his job (publishing the names and salaries of some of Oakland’s highest paid officials), “editor at large” Phil Bronstein continues his quest to figure out what to do now that he’s no longer running the paper. Currently, he’s apparently decided that he can best be of service by filming himself chatting up people he thinks are as important as he is. This week’s edition: Carrie Fisher, who’s been parading her neurotic narcissism around the Berkeley Repertory Theater. As Bronstein gabs about how strange Hollywood social life is (and thanks for that, Phil), Fisher chain-smokes and chows down on candy bars in her dressing room. The subject of her interview with Renee Zelweger comes up. “I asked her if she’d ever been in therapy,” Fisher reveals, “and she went like this: ‘Carrie!’ Like I’d asked her to show her pap smear results.”


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