Everything All of the Time

For the week of January 13-19, 2010.

The stars and planets dial up seven new signals this week, and as these celestial signatures shift, daily life here on Earth becomes increasingly discombobulating. Write it down, even if your memory is impeccable, because tracking and adjusting to these many new directions is sure to strain the brain. Also, set your internal compass on steady. Not every new planetary wave offers a smooth ride, and several are more than a little bumpy.

(1) Mercury goes direct on January 15 — that’s the good news, especially if you’re chomping at the bit to get new plans and projects up and running. Mercury symbolizes all things related to language and communication, as well as travel and commerce. It has been retrograde since the day after Christmas. No one seemed to mind Mercury’s slo-mo rewind during the holidays, but now most of us are ready for a different pace. Just remember the three-day rule: It takes Mercury time to gather its forward momentum, which means January 15 through 18 are still a rough ride.

The not-so-good news is that Mercury’s forward motion is encumbered by several other events, none of which are pernicious but all of which are likely to throw a monkey wrench into regular routines until we make the necessary adjustments.

(2) Saturn goes retrograde on January 13. Saturn’s retrospective lasts until May 30, and during those five months, it will move back into Virgo for the last and final opposition with Uranus, in Mutable Signs (more about that in the weeks to come). As Saturn reflects, we do too — so be prepared to revisit choices, especially decisions related to relationships.

(3) A solar eclipse on January 15 is likely to cause a tremor in the force, as unconscious drives overshadow conscious concerns. While it isn’t always easy to follow an intuitive flow, this would be an opportune time to set an intention to start listening more carefully to your deeper, internal guidance.

(4) Jupiter moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces on January 17, and as the planet of good fortune moves from an Air Sign to a Water Sign, some of us could experience increased emotional intensity and sensitivity.

(5) and (6) On January 18, Venus moves into Aquarius, quickly followed by the Sun’s entry into Aquarius on January 19. As these two brilliant lights travel in tandem through the deep creative current of Aquarius, they illuminate innovation and invention. Remember, each of us has every Sign somewhere in our birth chart, so all of us will experience this Sun/Venus conjunction somewhere in our lives.

(7) The only real problem is Mars, retrograde in Leo, which, for the next couple of weeks, is unattached to any major planetary pattern. Mars is touched by the Moon as the Moon moves through its normal cycle, but the contact isn’t long enough to gain traction in any true Martian sense: focused ambition and determination. Mars’ “single” status contributes to the confusion because while lots of energy is moving, most of what occurs feels intermittent, disconnected, and more than a little frustrating.

This would be an excellent week to make patience a personal practice. So many shifts are happening simultaneously that most of us will simply be struggling to keep up.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES You are all business, all the time, and when that determination combines with the power of the solar eclipse, renewed inspiration and creativity are probable. Use this intensification to hone your strategies.

TAURUS As the solar eclipse deepens a longing for spiritual sustenance, you could find yourself starting to meditate or meditating longer. Be willing to explore, and you’ll find the balance that works for you.

GEMINI The eclipse parts the veils of consciousness, catalyzing a new dimension of personal transformation. Enjoy this process even if it feels slightly overwhelming — and remember you don’t have to change everything at once.

CANCER Yes, your life is all about relationship, but as the eclipse reveals previously hidden information, it is time to start thinking about relationship as a process and not a possession.

LEO If you allow the eclipse to focus your energy on how to be of service, you’ll have an easier time handling that runaway Mars in your Sign, making you antsy and impatient to get on with it.

VIRGO The eclipse makes it abundantly clear that simply being yourself is the best solution to your current situation. So rather than holding back, hold forth.

LIBRA No matter what the external circumstances, your internal barometer will be able to read the truth, especially if you pay attention and allow the eclipse to reveal vital information.

SCORPIO Do not take what’s said at face value. Instead, allow the eclipse to key you in to nuance. How the words are spoken will reveal volumes about the speaker’s intention.

SAGITTARIUS The eclipse could catalyze a new understanding about your relationship to money. This is not about a Lotto win; it’s about understanding how you measure your true value.

CAPRICORN The eclipse triggers a strong urge for a new look, but whether that change is radical or subtle makes no difference. What’s important is that you acknowledged and acted on your desire.

AQUARIUS Pay close attention to your dreams — they are speaking directly from your psyche. And while it may take time to decipher the code, with some work the messages will become clear.

PISCES The eclipse could inspire a greater commitment to community activity, so even if you are already volunteering, be prepared for a new level of interaction. And if you’re not, be ready to get involved.


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