.Electronics Recycler Not Closed Yet

Yesterday, 92510 reported that the Berkeley-based Alameda County Computer Recycling Center (which recycles and donates electronic equipment like computers) faced potential closure. Recently, an inspector from the state’s Department of Toxic Substance Control concluded that the charity failed to maintain proper inventory of everything they divert, and needed to get rid of all stockpiled material after a year. The department ordered Executive Director James Burgett to get up to snuff, or face fines that the business couldn’t afford. Burgett rebuffed the violation in a letter, and successfully arranged a conference call on the matter with higher ups in the department. But that was revoked after Burgett aired his feelings on his blog. Today, Burgett reported he successfully arranged another meeting with the department for the 25th. He believes his paperwork more than exceeds the department’s inventory requirement, and that his accumulated material (mostly vintage computers) poses no toxic threat since it could easily be turned over for cash.


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