Election 2006: McNerney Fails To Disclose His Failed Businesses

Questions are being raised about Demo Congressional candidate Jerry McNerney’s business credentials. According to the Associated Press, McNerney didn’t disclose two businesses he owned on financial forms. One business was called “No Sense Books,” which McNerney told the AP he’d started last year to publish a diet satire book he’d written, “but I didn’t get around to it.” Meanwhile, his opponent, Rep. Richard Pombo, has been attacking McNerney for purporting to run a wind-energy business with no office or employees. Follow the jump to read Pombo’s press release.

    McNerney Lied on Resume, Falsified Official Ethics in Government Financial Disclosure Forms

    Stockton- Breaking news reported by the Associated Press and the Tracy Press today reveals that Jerry McNerney lied about his resume and falsified official financial disclosure forms required by the federal Ethics in Government Act of 1978.

    According to Associated Press reports in local papers this morning, Jerry McNerney owns and operates two “companies” out of his home: “No Sense Books” and “McNerney Consulting.” McNerney, however, failed to mention these companies on his resume for voters and neglected to disclose them (and any income they may have generated) on official financial disclosure forms filed with the Ethics Committee in the House of Representatives.

    In its endorsement of Congressman Pombo today, the Tracy Press also reports that McNerney has created at least “six start-up companies – most inactive and none that have taken off.” All, in fact, appear to have failed.

    “It turns out that Jerry McNerney has been pulling the wool over the eyes of the voters in this district for two years,” said Pombo campaign spokesman, Brian Kennedy. “Not only has he been lying to voters about Richard, he’s been lying to them about himself. This news makes McNerney a fraud, and frankly, a hypocrite. His so-called ethical standards didn’t even carry him through simple ethics disclosure forms.”

    Jerry McNerney has been billing himself as the “CEO” of a wind company while running a singularly-focused character assassination campaign against Congressman Pombo. While McNerney has accused Pombo of “unethical” and “corrupt” behavior, every major newspaper in the 11th District has investigated, debunked and rejected his allegations. All of them have endorsed Pombo for re-election.

    “Jerry McNerney is obviously not the chief executive of anything, nor has he created a single job or product as the owner of numerous businesses,” Kennedy continued. “In fact, it appears that he hasn’t even had a full-time job in years. Now he wants one in Congress.”

    Public records show that Jerry McNerney owns or did own the following (at least) failed companies – companies he hid from the voters, the media, and the House Ethics Committee:

    (1) HAWT Power (2) McNerney Consulting (3) No Sense Books (4) Spin Company (5) Contemporary Press and (6) Wind America, Inc.

    As the Tracy Press stated in today’s “We know Rep. Pombo and we trust him” endorsement, Jerry McNerney is a “stealth candidate” who has left too many questions unanswered to be elected. The Pombo for Congress campaign has just one: Who is Jerry McNerney? We still don’t know.

    “It’s time for Jerry McNerney to stop lying about Richard and about himself, and come clean with the voters in the 11th District of California,” Kennedy said. “Is he a writer, a publisher, a businessman, an engineer, or simply an unemployed politician looking for work?”

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