For the week of May 25-31, 2011.

Welcome to the season of the eclipse, when the veils between conscious and unconscious realities turn exceedingly thin, and synchronicity infuses even the most mundane interactions with a powerful sense of destiny. Be aware: Breathing too much of this sensitive air could turn you emotionally transparent, and not because you are revealing more than you normally do. Eclipses simply reveal what’s hidden just beyond the reach of normal vision. They offer a kaleidoscope of perspectives, all of which have the power to tilt ordinary viewpoints to extraordinary angles. For those interested in delving into undercurrents — psychological and spiritual — these new angles have the potential to provide penetrating insight into deep dimensions of human interactions. Certain secrets, even those you’ve kept from yourself, will be secret no longer. Proceed with caution: During the coming weeks, many of us are likely to feel just a tad oversensitive, a condition that could trigger old, reliable, and outworn defensive postures. Rather than complete candor, err on the side of kindness and compassion.

Three eclipses occur over the next five weeks; this pattern begins with a solar eclipse on June 1, followed by a lunar eclipse on June 15, followed by another solar eclipse on July 1. Eclipses, both solar and lunar, are known to distort time, and we tend to feel their effect six weeks before or after the actual eclipse event. (Strikingly, all three eclipses trigger Arnold Schwarzenegger’s natal chart.) Eclipses signify the interplay between conscious and unconscious realities, and although we understand why they occur, an understanding of the mechanics doesn’t seem to diminish the psychic effect. During a solar eclipse, the Moon overshadows the Sun, day becomes night, unconscious concerns overpower conscious ones, and previously stable worlds seem to wobble.

The first eclipse in this current cycle occurs in Gemini, which focuses the eclipse effect on communication. Notice who or what draws you into conversation. Pay attention: As previously withheld information sees the light of day, what was previously assumed or implied could evaporate with a simple sentence. For some, this could translate into apologies for harsh words spoken in ignorance or haste, or for words left unspoken for too long because they were too true.

The eclipse effect could also trigger a deluge of feelings, especially as the waves of the first solar eclipse coalesce with those of the second on July 1. This eclipse occurs in Cancer, the Sign that longs to belong. Be prepared for a deep need to feel connected and bonded with those you love.

For the next several weeks, opportunities to integrate conscious and unconscious realities abound, and while that sounds great (and it is), the integration process could turn life more than a little wonky. So do whatever it is you do to get grounded, and then do your best to stay that way.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES While you have plenty of opinions on a wide range of subjects, the key to handling the eclipse effect successfully is to learn how to listen. Open your ears and pay close attention to what’s said — it might be life-altering.

TAURUS The first two eclipses — solar and lunar — could affect your finances, especially if you have not been paying close attention to your assets. Make the time to focus on resources and you’ll be able to create order.

GEMINI It’s all about your persona, so be very clear about how you want to appear to others. Also be clear about what others are projecting on to you, and then use your innate talent to synthesize to help find an appropriate blend.

CANCER Resist the temptation to brood, because every thought has the potential to become a reality — especially as it blends with unconscious emotions brought to light by the power of the eclipse effect.

LEO The eclipse effect has the potential to reveal the next step in your quest to share your gifts with the world. Just remember to keep it simple; not every idea has to become an overnight sensation or worldwide brand.

VIRGO Enter the new data into your system, and use this time to recalibrate your career aspirations. I’m not suggesting you give up; I’m simply advising you to pay attention to the new information.

LIBRA It’s not so much about what you believe to be true as it is about what you know to be true. Allow your heart to lead, and the eclipse effect will help you to gain greater clarity about the difference between believing and knowing.

SCORPIO The eclipse effect signals a tremendous period of change, and while some of the shifts are easy to cope with, some are quite difficult. The good news is that you are quite skilled at handling a variety of situations.

SAGITTARIUS The eclipse effect stirs partnership issues, personal and professional, as it reveals previously hidden information. Don’t freak out; the surface situation is not representative of the entire picture.

CAPRICORN The eclipse effect is encouraging you to create a synthesis between what you do in the service of others and what you do to take care of yourself. Take your time, and you will find the right balance.

AQUARIUS Even though the eclipse effect can be discombobulating, it can also be creative, especially for you. Channel your confusion and disorientation into creative projects and you’ll weather the storm with ease.

PISCES The eclipses disturb the bottom of your psychic pond, raising issues of emotional safety. Don’t dismiss your feelings as silly. Instead, pay attention to them; they provide opportunities for deeper self-awareness.


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