.Droste and Harrison Win Reelection in Berkeley; Kesarwani and Robinson Join the Council

Incumbents Lori Droste and Kate Harrison won reelection to the Berkeley City Council, in districts 8 and 4, respectively. And newcomers Rashi Kesarwani and Rigel Robinson will join them, representing council districts 1 and 7.

Here are the results:

Berkeley Council Dist. 1 (100% of precincts reporting)
Rashi Kesarwani: 55.82% (RCV)*
Igor Tregub: 44.18% (RCV)

Berkeley Council Dist. 4 (100% of precincts reporting)
Kate Harrison (I): 52.62%*
Ben Gould: 34.06%
Greg Magofña: 12.63%

Berkeley Council Dist. 7 (100% of precincts reporting)
Rigel Robinson: 55.37%
Ces Rosales: 35.12%

Berkeley Council Dist. 8 (100% of precincts reporting)
Lori Droste (I): 56.05%*
Mary Kay Lacey: 31.30%

In addition, Jenny Wong won the city auditor’s race in a massive landslide:

Berkeley Auditor (100% of precincts reporting)
Jenny Wong: 91.50%*
Vladislav Davidzon: 8.23%

In terms of Berkeley’s ballot measures, they all won:

Measure O (needs 66.67%)
Yes: 75.88%*
No: 24.12%

Measure P
Yes: 70.59%*
No: 29.41%

Measure Q
Yes: 69.44%*
No: 30.56%


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