Did Edgerly Accidentally Tip Off Street Gang?

That’s what Matier and Ross suggest in today’s column. When Deborah Edgerly allegedly sped down to West Oakland to ream out the cops who dared to tow her nephew’s car, they report, she soon learned that the action was part of an ongoing, massive anti-gang operation. A few days later, Edgerly may have called her nephew and warned him to stay away from the gang, as the cops were on to them. The nephew then allegedly warned the gang’s leadership of the police investigation, adding that this news came “from the top.” If Edgerly was trying to keep her nephew out of trouble, rather than bully the cops into giving him a free pass whenever he runs afoul of the law, she leaves public service with a slightly less tarnished reputation. Still, if this is true, then Edgerly should have known better than to compromise a major police investigation.UPDATE: In a moment of sentimental weakness, we imagined that Edgerly may have been calling her nephew in order to kick him in the ass and tell him to stay away from gangs and a life of crime. But as a commenter points out, she may have simply been warning him, and by extension the Acorn gang, of the investigation.


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