.Democracy on Earth and in the Sky

For the week of November 3-9, 2010.

I’m writing this column a week before the morning after, which means I have no idea what the outcome of the mid-term elections will be and no idea what the general mood is — other than knowing that one side is happy. What I do know is that no matter who the victor may be, we still have to live and work together, despite our polarized points of view. We are still in the wake of the last two years of the Saturn/Uranus opposition, and the power of its effect is still disturbing political, economic, and cultural attitudes. Again, no matter who wins, our ability to work toward common goals has never been more needed and has never depended less upon a specific leader or political agenda. Yes, the party in power has clout, but the influence of special interests on both sides of the aisle has been so abused that it’s only a matter of time before those interests disintegrate under the weight of their own mendacious intent. The people will always have the power to bring change, and, Pollyannaism aside, it’s only a matter of time before we learn to use it for our common good.

And speaking of Pollyanna, there is good planetary news to report this week. Mercury trines the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, stimulating shrewd intuition and inventive thinking. Translation: Expect snappy, smart repartee, as well as a clear grasp of what is needed to move forward from both a personal and collective perspective. This positive Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus bundle can be put to good use formulating long-term plans and strategies for handling a variety of circumstances, especially situations that always seem to shift on a moment’s notice. At the same time, because Uranus has everything to do with nervous systems, this bundle also affects sleep patterns — so don’t be surprised if your sleep needs fluctuate. What’s more, this bundle is so highly charged that there’s also the distinct possibility of confusing excitement for anxiety or anxiety for excitement. Although it won’t be easy, try getting grounded and staying that way before you make impulsive moves you might later regret.

Late in the day on Sunday, November 7, Venus, retrograde since October 8, moves back into the Sign of Libra. As Venus revisits and, for the next several weeks, lingers on the degrees it occupied from September 5 through 8, we will revisit and linger on themes set in motion at that time, especially relationship and financial issues. As trying as some of this retrograde may be, it’s always a good idea to reflect and refine.

The ancient Mesopotamians believed that planetary motion conveyed messages from the gods, and that if those messages could be deciphered accurately, the king would live in attunement with the divine and all would prosper. At the risk of condensing hundreds of factors and thousands of years … astrology eventually became a democracy. The sky belongs to everyone. Maybe it’s time to agree that the Earth belongs to all of us as well.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Even though patience is not your strong suit, continue to put one foot in front of the other. Within a very short time, you’ll be surprised at just how much progress you have made and will continue to make.

TAURUS There are opportunities to improve work-related associations, but to take make the most of the moment, you’ll have to put aside pride and commit to an equal playing field. Stay open to the possibility of positive compromise.

GEMINI Give yourself permission to stretch your professional wings and to try something new that will take you beyond your comfort zone. I’m not necessarily suggesting danger, but I am advising you to challenge yourself.

CANCER There’s no need to push yourself to be out and about. So rather than feeling guilty about a need to hibernate, have at it. Ready your supplies, get comfy on the couch, and just rest and relax.

LEO The emphasis is still on conversation, but this week, you’re far more inclined toward kind words than you are toward fixed opinions. Use this inclination to compassion to mend important fences.

VIRGO I know you might need short-term financial relief, but if you review your overall financial situation with an eye toward long-term improvement, you might find an immediate remedy.

LIBRA Sometimes it’s easier to wear your heart on your sleeve than it is to hide your feelings, so rather than pretending you don’t care, get deeply in touch with how much you do care and just how much that matters.

SCORPIO It’s always wise to reflect on situations that make you uncomfortable and disturb your equilibrium — but it’s not a good idea to brood excessively. Instead of obsessive mulling, make a plan for positive action.

SAGITTARIUS Allow interactions with friends or associates to lift your spirits and renew your enthusiasm. It’s not that you’ve lost your joy, but feeding your innate optimistic fire with convivial exchanges will work wonders for your heart.

CAPRICORN Stay open to the possibility that a radical shift in either the structure of your career or your attitude about it could promote positive change — even if what’s proposed requires rearranging your role.

AQUARIUS There’s money in those ideas that seem to flicker across your imagination screen, so rather than dismiss them as outrageous, write them down. You may not have time to implement them now, but you could later.

PISCES Breathe deeply, allow your breath to find its own rhythm, and as you move back into your body, allow yourself to experience a profound state of peace and gratitude.

Ralfee Finn specializes in Transformational Astrology. For readings, call 1-888-937-9264, write P.O. Box 343, New York, NY 10025, visit AquariumAge.com, or e-mail [email protected]. Copyright © 2010 by Ralfee Finn


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