.Dellums Parties on the Public’s Dime Again

Once again, Ron Dellums shows he’d rather use Oakland’s money to throw himself a party than fix the city’s desperate problems. According to Matier and Ross, the mayor announced severe cutbacks and layoffs to finance a $42 million deficit, including measures such as shutting down City Hall one day a week. Then he flew down to Florida, where he stayed at a swanky Palm Beach hotel for a mayor’s conference and racked up $3,500 in bills. Then he charged it to the city of Oakland. Dellums spokesman Paul Rose told the Chron the mayor was there to help brainstorm questions for John McCain and Barack Obama about what they will do for struggling inner cities. How’s this for a question: “Mr. President, how will you publicly shame big-city mayors who bill their constituents for their fabulous Florida parties?”


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