music in the park san jose

.Daily Roundup: Wikileaks Cables Confirm Mexico Drug War FUBAR

music in the park san jose

1) Ed Rosenthal says busting Tijuana tunnels filled with weak pot won’t do a thing to stop cartels. This as the Wikileaks State Department cables indicate Mexico’s drug war is all but lost. “We have eighteen months,” he said, “and if we do not produce a tangible success that is recognizable to the Mexican people, it will be difficult to sustain the confrontation into the next administration.” He lamented the pervasive, debilitating fear that is so much a part of contemporary Mexican society, where even people in the Yucatan, with “European levels of security,” are afraid because of the instability in a few distant cities. He expressed a real concern with “losing” certain regions. It is damaging Mexico’s international reputation, hurting foreign investment, and leading to a sense of government impotence, Gutierrez said. ” An independent study estimates Mexico DTOs make $10 billion per year selling Americans drugs, $2 billion of it pot. [via Narconews] More news after the jump.


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music in the park san jose