.Daily Roundup: Kunis thinks Cyrus smoked weed; Dr. Oz says ‘vaporize it’

Here’s your headlines. 1) Mila Kunis thinks Miley Cyrus was smoking pot not salvia last week on TMZ. Cyrus gets an SNL parody. [via CelebStoner] 2) Dr. Oz comes down surprisingly light on dope. “Yes, marijuana’s got solid credentials for relieving some serious problems (cancer pain, nausea, anorexia and tough-to-ease nerve pain). But can a pot-infused lemon bar or a hand-rolled joint improve everything from high blood pressure to diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease? That is about as likely as Sarah Palin running as a Democrat.” Oz fails to note pot doesn’t cause cancer despite containing smoke. But does recommend vaporizing and edibles to avoid irritating the respiratory system. More headlines after the jump.


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