Creativity Prevails

For the week of May 11-17, 2011.

Practical matters begin to dominate the routines of daily life as several planets move out of the idealistic perspective of Aries and into the realistic viewpoint of Taurus. As the astral emphasis shifts from the fire of Aries to the earthiness of Taurus, attitudes, good or bad, naughty or nice, are likely to reflect the new arrangement. Gone are the tempestuous, reactive, and maybe just a little over-the-top dramatic releases that don’t accomplish much except provide a fleeting moment of feeling better. And while we may miss the drama, it won’t be for long, especially as it is replaced with the soothing, sensible, pragmatic levelheadedness that allows for sensible plans and projects. Don’t worry: You won’t be bored because you’ll be too busy.

Mars is the first planet to leave Aries; it enters Taurus on May 11. (Pacific Standard Time, that departure is just moments after midnight.) Whenever Mars transits the Sign of Taurus, we experience the increased capacity to work hard — very hard — and as a result, Mars in Taurus is a signature of stamina, patience, and endurance. Don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly quite content to approach any problem with renewed determination to find pragmatic solutions for all concerned parties.

Also anticipate a desire to acquire, specifically things that are useful as well as beautiful. Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, and Mercury, symbol for all things mental, both enter Taurus on May 15, where they continue their ongoing conjunction with Mars. Venus is the Ruler of Taurus, and when she returns home for a visit, her powers are heightened. Be prepared to experience a deep desire for love, and because her mesmerizing powers are legendary, even if you are not inclined toward amorous adventure, you just might find yourself drawn to the sensual, as well as the sexual. Mercury’s presence in Taurus amplifies an appreciation for form, especially when it expresses function, and because Mercury is joined at the astral hip to Venus, many of us could experience a strong urge to speak in verse or to break into song at any moment. Taurus is the Sign assigned to the throat and really, wouldn’t life be just a little more interesting if everyone broke into song once in a while?

As the week unfolds, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all move into a trine to Pluto. We mostly love this, if only because the entire configuration is supercharged with creative power. Mercury trine Pluto always indicates an unrelenting need for intellectual understanding — something we can use a little more of these days. Venus trine Pluto creates extraordinary powers of attraction, coupled with artistic prowess. Mars trine Pluto provides the power to accomplish almost anything. The entire bundle supports the confidence to turn those Aries visions of the last several weeks into concrete reality.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES You may find yourself working harder than anticipated, but don’t let the workload affect your attitude. Simply devote yourself to enterprise, and you will make wide strides in actualizing your goals.

TAURUS You may not be as powerful as a locomotive or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound — but who cares. Life is moving fast enough for you to make consistent, steady progress toward your desired destination.

GEMINI Honor your need for quiet time, and instead of resisting the urge to snuggle under the covers, indulge it. Don’t worry about your responsibilities; once you’re rested you’ll handle those obligations with ease.

CANCER As the cosmic spotlight illuminates your talents, here are a couple of questions to consider: What would be the best way for you to share your gifts, and what would it look like to have those gifts appreciated?

LEO Be absolutely true to yourself, and that authenticity will allow you focus your time and energy so that you can concentrate on what it is you want to create. You don’t have to build an entire empire in one day; you just have to believe that you will eventually succeed.

VIRGO If you can understand where you are in relation to where you’ve been, you’ll have a greater understanding of where you’re headed. Move forward with enthusiasm, but don’t forget how hard you worked to make progress.

LIBRA No matter how much you rely on external sources, listen to your intuition first. There’s nothing wrong with considering the opinions of others, but wisdom is most effective when it is distilled from your own experience.

SCORPIO Be clear, precise, and direct with others, and not only will your words move mountains of resistance, but they will also catalyze a vibrant process in most, if not all, of your relationships.

SAGITTARIUS Just because life is all about work that doesn’t mean life is boring. Yes, there is too much to handle comfortably, but if you take the time set a comfortable pace, you’ll find the workload easier to bear.

CAPRICORN An influx of inspiration moves you into an intense creative phase. It doesn’t matter how you express yourself — gardening, drawing, singing, writing, or painting — as long as you just do it.

AQUARIUS Mars moves to the deepest part of your chart, quickly followed by Venus and Mercury, and they all stir a deep desire to hunker down at home so that you can enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

PISCES Be prepared for all sorts of conversations, some initiated by you and some started by others. Also anticipate that whatever is said will trigger emotional responses that are indications of the next step of personal growth.


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