.Colorado Weed Poll Confirms that Illegal Pot Dealers Are Doomed

A new poll released by Medical Marijuana Business Daily confirms the impression we got from interviewing legal weed customers in Colorado: black market dealers are doomed.

In an online poll of 304 pot buyers, just 5 percent of respondents said they would “stay loyal to my black-market source” of pot in the face of legalization.


Noone is loyal to their weed hookup, survey finds

  • No one is loyal to their weed hookup, survey finds

The study was conducted by the editors of Marijuana Business Daily via an online survey in January of self-identified cannabis consumers in the US who use marijuana for recreational versus medical purposes. Respondents could check multiple answer options to the question asking what factors would be behind their decision to buy legally or on the black market.

“I prefer to buy legally” was the overwhelmingly popular answer with 61% of respondents selecting this option.

The next most popular answer was “I prefer tested labeled products,” followed by “Best strain selection gets my business.”

Loyalty to the local dealer was the least popular concern when buying.


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