Charles Plummer Speaks his Mind

If Babs Lee’s thoughts need a little spicing up, retired Alameda County Sheriff Charlie Plummer does just fine all by himself, thank you very much. Plummer wrote himself a lovely little Trib commentary in defense of OPD Chief Wayne Tucker, whose leadership has come into question following the Chauncey Bailey investigation and claims that he boosted retiring Oakland cop union head Bob Valladon’s pension to help him sabotage a no-confidence vote among the rank and file. And when Plummer wants to defend your reputation, he opens up both barrels! After a grafs about how great Tucker is, yadda yadda, he gets down to business: “Instead of supporting this incredible leader, the Tribune has apparently decided to print the self-serving, whining, meaningless comments of a few malcontent current and former employees of the Oakland Police Department. The Tribune is attempting to elevate these sniveling cowards to the status of respectable spokepersons for the Oakland Police Department.” Lawrence Green, the lieutenant who first brought up l’affaire Valladon, doesn’t get much rosier treatment: “It is easy to read between the lines and ferret out Lt. Lawrence Green’s true motivation. He is clearly a bitter employee who believes that he is much more valuable than he actually is.” When Charlie Plummer makes you his friend, he does it for life, and damn the torpedos. Or the truth.


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