.Caught Between Two Eclipses

For the week of June 30-July 6, 2010.

Waves of intensity continue to pound the shores of daily life this week, as the current planetary Gang of Three — Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus — tighten their formation, which is exact on July 26. As personal and collective tension symbolized by the final Saturn/Uranus opposition increases, so does uncertainty about the future, especially this week and next, as we traverse the terrain between the lunar eclipse of June 26 and the solar eclipse of July 11. The territory between eclipses is a powerful psychic field, and crossing it could provoke internal and external confrontations with old emotional and psychological patterns. If you experience inner conflict, try not to let the ensuing mind chatter turn deafening. The atmosphere is ripe with opportunity for inner critics to mutter about how everyone and everything should be. But pay attention to the chatter before you make every effort to let it go: It has the potential to reveal where your power is leaking. Remember, judgment — not to be confused with discernment — is almost always about using a sense of superiority to mask feelings of worthlessness. If the confrontations are external, do your best to diffuse polarization. No matter how righteous your position, lasting peace can only be realized through cooperation.

From an astrological perspective, during a solar eclipse, as the Moon overshadows the Sun, the power of the unconscious overshadows conscious concerns. This overshadowing can become a highly charged aggregation of projection, a condition that makes it nearly impossible to find any solid ground or agreed-upon emotional reality. Anticipate hypersensitivity, as well as the tendency to react as if all of life depends on the immediate moment. A word spoken in haste can become a magnet for repressed or suppressed feelings, and before you can say “I’m sorry,” reactions may morph into a complete mythology, replete with heroes, villains, and a detailed back story. Often, the force of a projection is so strong that some of us can lose ourselves in its force and actually take it on. Be wary if you find yourself exhibiting behavior you don’t recognize as your own. In extreme cases, the only way to diffuse the projection is to bid the situation “adios” and hope that clarity will be restored over time.

Both the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse occur on the Cancer/Capricorn axis. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, symbolizes the mother and the longing to belong; Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, symbolizes the father, and the structures that help society to cohere. Both Signs signify issues of safety and security. As the eclipse effect continues, you or someone you love is likely to be overly concerned with these issues. Rather than dismissing these concerns, allow them to be indicators of feelings still in need of conscious integration.

As the eclipse effect excites emotional bodies, it also exacerbates tensions generated by the Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn opposition. This opposition signifies the dissolution of the status quo, personal as well as collective. If you can notice where you are most affected by the psychic terrain of the eclipses or where you are feeling lost in projection, you can use the intensity to your benefit. Often, the patterns we cling to are the very structures we need to release in order to make way for a true transformation.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES The eclipse effect focuses on how to create a better balance between career and personal concerns. Knowing where your time is best spent will help you to expend your energy wisely.

TAURUS The eclipses encourage communication, from the deeply personal to the purely professional. Listen carefully to all that’s being said, and you will access previously hidden information.

GEMINI The eclipses continue to emphasize finances, but they also bring to light differing value systems. Rather than assume everyone agrees on what’s important, step back and assess what truly matters to your partners.

CANCER The eclipses part the veils on several key relationship themes. Whether it is respect or affection, contemplate how you can treat all your relations, including yourself, with greater care.

LEO The eclipse effect keeps the focus on how to balance your innate generosity of spirit and your natural tendency to overextend. Pay close attention to this pattern and you’ll gain a profound self-awareness.

VIRGO The eclipses maintain the focus on creative self-expression, particularly in regards to how you can share your gifts with a deeper sense of personal satisfaction.

LIBRA The eclipses offer an opportunity to see just how much family matters to you. And it makes no difference whether you are partnered; this information is all about staying connected to those you love.

SCORPIO The eclipses provide valuable information on how to expand your perspective. It’s not that your current view is incorrect; you just need a broader bandwidth that easily incorporates new tools and technology.

SAGITTARIUS The eclipse effect has the potential to reveal what’s been keeping you from pursuing your career goals. It also has the power to spark a desire to find more satisfying work.

CAPRICORN The eclipses illuminate the needs of significant others, personal and professional. Use this information to create better boundaries, and you’ll experience healthier interactions.

AQUARIUS The eclipse effect provides information on how to convert your ideals into action. Start simple, with one thing you can do each day, and you’ll generate steady momentum.

PISCES The eclipses focus on that age-old question of the needs of many versus the needs of one. Consider where you can modify your innate empathy for others so that you have more time for yourself.

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