.California Police Now Want To Regulate Medical Pot — Right Out of Existence

California’s police chiefs have spent eighteen years trying to undo medical marijuana legalization, first by ignoring it , then by trying to find loopholes in it, and then by actively fighting efforts to regulate it.

Now, these same drug warriors say they are ready to regulate medical marijuana. This ought to be a hoot.


SF Weekly’s Chris Roberts reports Wednesday that Kim Raney, president of the California Police Chief’s Association and chief of police in the LA suburb Covina said: “We’re going to try to regulate [medical marijuana], since the Legislature hasn’t stepped up to do that.”

That right there is a total lie. The legislature has tried for years and the cops have been the main opposition. Police have long argued that regulating medical pot would give it legitimacy.

Under voter-approved Prop 215, licensed physicians can write recommendations for medical marijuana for a wide variety of ailments and anybody can report unscrupulous docs to the California Medical Board.

Under California police’s medical marijuana regulations, 98 percent of current patients would go back to being criminals, Roberts reports.

“The chiefs are looking at greatly limiting who can write a medical marijuana recommendation, and what a recommendation would allow, all under oversight from the California Medical Board,” Roberts writes.

With aspiring regulators like these, who needs enemies?


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