Cal Students [Heart] Cal Profs

One of the posters over at UC Berkeley’s LiveJournal community started a thread called Only Nice Things About Professors as an antidote to the verbal whacking profs can take on sites like It’s genuinely sweet and dang, does it make us miss college. After the jump, some of our favorites of their favorites.

    * Leo Harrington is so incredibly enthusiastic about set theory and seems genuinely happy when he’s talking about it that you can’t help but love the subject too.

    * R. Haas: He has an intellectual boner for Emily Dickinson, and that makes the man an awesome teacher in my book. He is lax when it comes to grading, but his lectures are interesting, full of facts, well researched, and fun.

    * A. Smock (French): not at all down to earth but beyond brilliant to the point where one strains to understand her. but when you do understand, you’ll be amazed.

    * Shewchuk: Cool prof in and out of lecture. Always comes into lecture sharp and ready to go. Excellent lecture notes. Plus, hell, “Britney Theory”? Awesome.

    * Nicolai Reshetikhin (Math): If you have to take 1B, take it with him. He tries to make the class less torturous.

    * Miriam Lee (Portuguese): My first Portuguese instructor and one of the sweetest instructors I’ve met. She was relaxed, approachable, enthusiastic, and overall amazing at introducing me to the language. She also made us CDs of Brazilian music.

    * T.J. Clark (Art History): Great interpretations of Poussin. Deliciously naughty sometimes. Open to hearing various interpretations of artwork.

    * Kent Puckett: Awesome head of hair (at least it was last I saw).

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