.Busy Bodies

For the week of November 2-8, 2011.

Eccentric astral winds blow through the ethers this week, shifting the psychic air and cleaning out the cobwebs of stagnant situations. These winds also inspire and invigorate invention and innovation, so expect to be busy, or should I say “busier.” Also anticipate a deep awareness of what has to change, and why. These winds provide a wealth of ideas about how to strengthen our personal and collective determination to live with greater spiritual consciousness. Just don’t confuse the creative intensity of the week with a guaranteed smooth ride. The changing velocities of moods and attitudes, yours or others’, could strain nerves. As always, make an effort to be kind to your fellow traveler. A compassionate word or gesture is likely to have an exponentially beneficial effect.

Several configurations contribute to these unusual winds.

Uranus trines a Mercury/Venus conjunction, in Sagittarius. Mercury symbolizes communication and travel. Venus represents beauty and love. And when they travel in tandem, we experience, among other things, a deep love of form and design. Uranus signifies unforeseen plot twists, and when it combines with Mercury/Venus, surprising alliances form. The hidden power of this interaction is its potential to put things together in a pleasing, but unique arrangement that doesn’t sacrifice substance for the surface razzle-dazzle. On the personal plane, you may find yourself falling in love with an unlikely candidate — or at least someone who’s not your type. Be willing to let go of what you think a relationship should look like and you might invite an entirely new way of assessing intimacy. On the collective plane, this interaction could generate a new appreciation for the necessity of financial reform and reformation. Venus does, after all, represent m-o-n-e-y. Perhaps a large enough movement could exert enough pressure to persuade the banks to forgive all student loans as a gesture of good faith in our combined future.

A Mars/Neptune opposition adds a slightly irritable edge to the eccentricities of the week. Mars is finishing up its journey through Leo; it enters Virgo on November 10, and stays in Virgo until July 3, 2012. (No, that’s not a typo.) And here’s why: Mars goes retrograde in Virgo, the Sign of particulars, on January 23, and by the time it goes direct on April 13, and then finishes its forward motion through Virgo, we will be celebrating the Fourth of July, finally free from having to concentrate on the details of every little thing. But that’s not all. Neptune goes direct on November 9, beginning the last leg of its journey through Aquarius, a journey it won’t repeat until 2175. So it’s likely we will feel the effect of this Mars/Neptune opposition quite keenly over the next several days. Don’t be surprised if you or someone close to you is in need of extra attention.

While these winds of change will have an overall positive effect, they are still likely to disrupt or disturb the status quo. If you feel yourself being propelled into premature action, take a breath, and step aside. These next few weeks are not about shift for its own sake; they are about how to use intention as a powerful tool for change.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Let this week’s wild Uranian ride revitalize your appetite for adventure. Yes, Uranus in your Sign is visiting all the stagnant spots, but that doesn’t mean you will stay subdued forever.

TAURUS Refuse to be held captive by any negativity, and you’ll be amazed at all you can accomplish. This is not about denial; it is about using reality to further your growth.

GEMINI Quiet the mind chatter and you’ll find it much easier to hear your intuition. It’s worth paying close attention, because listening to the deepest part of your heart will increase your joy.

CANCER Your goal is to stay open to the possibilities, a stance that will allow you to embrace career developments as they unfold. Please try to remember that surprising plot twists can also be good.

LEO Your capacity for concentration is at an all-time high, so devote yourself to doing the best job possible. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to move into the “excellence zone.”

VIRGO The core of your dilemma is figuring out how to believe in yourself enough to keep questioning your motives and intentions. If you’re honest with yourself about what really matters, your integrity will be unshakeable.

LIBRA Consider the difference between heartfelt spontaneity and impulsive behavior motivated by a desire to break the tension. Then, decide which position you are currently occupying.

SCORPIO Your situation is still a matter of perception. Rather than presuming that your assessment is completely accurate, take the time to question basic assumptions. You may come to a different, better understanding.

SAGITTARIUS Do not hold back — you couldn’t if you wanted to — and simply hold forth. Share your opinions about how everything ought to be, and you’ll be amazed at how many people will agree with you.

CAPRICORN Be clear and direct about what you need, and you will find that others are listening to you. Not every need will be met, but you’ll find clear reception for the essentials.

AQUARIUS Don’t let small misunderstandings turn into mountains of confusion. If saying “I’m sorry” will alleviate the tension, apologize and clear the air. You can work on the details later.

PISCES You have a rare opportunity to turn your visions into reality. Be clear about what you want to create, and then commit to doing whatever is necessary to actualize your dreams.


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