Bowie Said It Best

For the week of April 6-12, 2011.

The planets continue to align in powerful patterns, and as they do, we continue to go through powerful transitions. (So powerful, you could just stop reading and start singing, “Ch-ch-ch-changes” and call it good.) Some of these shifts are simply seasonal, while others are related to personal and collective identities, as well as to environmental issues. But it doesn’t matter where you are experiencing the stress of moving from the old to the new; wherever you are feeling the heat is likely to be exactly where a transformation needs to occur. Be aware that this transitional phase, whether personal or collective, is not going to end anytime soon — so it’s best to make flexibility part of your spiritual foundation. Also, don’t try to push too hard through the intensity of these changes. While it’s essential to face the strain, it’s also important to remember that we are in the midst of a process, and that the process includes bringing awareness to the what, why, and how of the shift, and then digesting and metabolizing that information.

Five planets, in Aries — Uranus, Mars, the Sun, Jupiter, and a retrograde Mercury — continue to spark a wide variety of personal passions. From eros to agape, infatuation to devotion, and affection to compassion, don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly aroused by a zealous need to express your deepest desires. It won’t be possible to hold back (well, maybe some of us will have the strength to deny what we are feeling), so try not to waste too much time or energy refusing to acknowledge the intensity of your passion. Just be aware that not everyone will share your enthusiasm, which means you’re going to have to either modulate your intensity or be prepared for disappointment.

This Aries concentration carries a swaggering creative signature that could turn even the mild-mannered into swash-buckling pirates. It could also be the source of extreme discomfort, especially if you are experiencing the pile-up as pressure to perform or produce. A square between Mars, in Aries, and Pluto, in Capricorn, is in effect April 5 through 15; this square amplifies the militant qualities of Aries, and that could be a problem, especially for those who need to be in charge even when they haven’t been asked to take the lead. Try not to get into petty disputes that could easily ignite much bigger quarrels. Take a stand when necessary, but mostly just keep breathing, and let the steady rhythm of your breath help you to maintain your equipoise.

Alas, it won’t be all that easy maintaining your composure because equally deep currents of sensitivity exacerbate the force of this passionate fire. Neptune is in Pisces, the Sign it rules, amplifying empathic sensitivity, psychic receptivity, and susceptibility to suggestion. Both Neptune and Pisces symbolize the urge to merge, an inclination that makes healthy boundaries, personal as well as collective, essential to skillfully navigating this journey.

This week, as we wrestle with the discomfort of transition, the Piscean capacity for merging could soften Aries’ need to individuate — just as the Aries ability to take a stand could serve an antidote to Piscean codependence. Whatever your position, remember to be kind to yourself and to your fellow travelers. We are all in this dream together.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Be patient and pay close attention to the details and you’ll discover certain threads weave together in a much more positive picture than you previously envisioned.

TAURUS Even if you can’t have everything your way, that’s no reason to feel defeated. Be true to yourself, but also align with the biggest possible perspective — one that allows for a win-win for all participants.

GEMINI You may be experiencing the current intensity as performance anxiety over your having to meet the expectations of others. Keep in mind, though, that not every expectation is a burden; some can be a joy.

CANCER Be clear about what you want to accomplish, but don’t worry if your original aspirations change. If you stay open to the creative possibilities, those visions are certain to shift, and to shift positively.

LEO Daily obligations are important to maintain, but so is your ability to have fun. Just for a moment, put aside your earnest nature and indulge in wholesome activities that will feed your fire as well as your joy.

VIRGO Be yourself, and try not to forget all that you’ve learned in the last several years about how to be your own person, regardless of what others expect or demand.

LIBRA There’s no need to worry about being vulnerable. As odd as it sounds, vulnerability is powerful because it allows for authenticity. Surrender the outcome, and simply own the truth of your heart.

SCORPIO You must finish what’s old in order to begin what’s new, so despite the strong urge to forge ahead, continue to stay focused on the present situation.

SAGITTARIUS Your life reminds me of the tortoise and the hare, but I’m not sure which character you are better off identifying with. Probably both — but don’t let that confuse you even more.

CAPRICORN It’s a no-brainer: Struggle with an overwhelming sense of futility, or choose to see your feelings as opportunities to transform deep patterns from your family of origin.

AQUARIUS It’s still all about the conversation, but that’s no excuse to use your words as weapons. All that’s necessary is clarity, precision, and a desire to stick to the facts.

PISCES Be clear about what matters most to you, and all the details of the situation will work themselves out to the best possible outcome. Really … this is a trust exercise.


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