Our eco-hoax fooled no one -- well, okay, it fooled one one.

The April 1 Billboard entry in our March 31 issue described a new, upcoming UPN reality show called Who Wants to Live in a Biodome? and invited local contestants to get involved by sending a short essay on “why I want to live in a biodome” to a special e-mail address.

The game followed the usual formula: To win, you had to be the last of a group of incompatible contestants left standing after six months in a self-sustaining eco-bubble. The winner would get to keep the biodome itself. There was only one catch … April Fool! Our intrepid editorial coordinator and equally intrepid assistant calendar editor made up the whole thing.

The response wasn’t overwhelming. Maybe very few people actually want to own a biodome — they’re supposedly a pain in the ass to maintain — or perhaps the would-be contestants got wise when they tried to log on to the bogus Web address we listed in the item. But one — yes, intrepid — lass took the bait. Fortunately, she was a good sport and agreed to let us run her plea to the show’s producers after we greased her palm with a pair of movie tix.

April 1, 2004

Hi there,

I was reading in the Berkeley paper that there will be a show called “Who Wants to Live in a Biodome.” Sounds right up my alley! I am a 27-year-old female who would kick some serious ass at this. I am very competitive, but can get along with everyone. I am middle of the road regarding politics, and vote for what I believe in, not straight down the ticket. Right now, I am taking care of my grandma here in Berkeley, but quit my job as a clinical secretary in Boise to do so. Previous jobs include stand-up comic, bounty hunter, recipe tester for the pea and lentil commission, apple thinner, etc., etc.

I would like to live in a biodome for a few reasons. Number one would be the great experience — how many people can say, “Hey, Fred, I lived in a biodome”? Not too many, let me tell you. Probably because there aren’t that many people named Fred anymore. Number two would be to show people that anyone can help make this world a better place. Like the weight-loss ads say, if I can do it, you can do it. I would show that you can help the environment, but without being one of the “serious” people that don’t know how to laugh. Number three would be so that I don’t have to get a real job anytime soon. (Uh, just kidding on that one.)

In all seriousness, I think that living in a biodome would be a wonderful experience, and I would like to be the one experiencing it. And of course, owning it once I won. I feel that I would be a great contribution to your show. Please respond with an e-mail so that I can sleep at nights knowing my verdict.


Laura Heady

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