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.BHA Fires All 22 Staffers

music in the park san jose

Not only did Berkeley’s Housing Authority pay rent to landlords on behalf of dead tenants, as we reported earlier this month , they also allegedly knowingly committed numerous other acts of fraud as well. As a result, the entire staff has been canned, according to a story in today’s Oakland Tribune. Well, in theory, at least. Officially, because fourteen of the 22 are protected by union contracts, they’ll be shown the door… and then given directions for their new desks in other departments. (Transfer employees responsible for destroying one department to work in another? Pure genius!)

The Housing Authority’s brazen thrashing of the affordable housing system apparently came to light when a new manager took over last summer and noted “two to four alarming claims of staff wrongdoing each day,” Berkeley’s city attorney told the Trib. For the list – and it’s a doozy – check out the article. Still dying to know more? Watch the video of last night’s very heated, very long special City Council meeting.


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