.32 Best Vibrators in 2023, Pleasure Toys That Will Make You Squirm

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When you’ve been single for a pretty minute, you’ve got to admit that buffin’ the muffin by hand doesn’t always quench the need for long. 

Even if you prefer the two-finger plus thumb combo, pesky muscle cramps may still darken your door.

So why not consider upgrading to a vibrator? 

Yes, the choice is staggeringly vast, but we’re here to help you make the right one.

Our in-depth review of sex toys has something for everyone. We explore the best vibrators and other pleasure toys for beginners and pros–regardless of whether you want a cheap delight or a high-quality investment

After weeks of hands-on testing (and climaxing) by our team members, we think that the Lelo Soraya Wave is a no-brainer as a powerful and convenient nightstand staple.

If that doesn’t suit your needs, or it’s a little too pricey, then read on to see which of the best female toys made our list.

32 Best Vibrators and Intimate Toys in 2023

1. Lelo Soraya WaveBest Vibrator Overall

lelo soraya wave, best vibrators, sex toys

Best Features

  • Fully flexible arm
  • Eight pleasure settings 
  • Two hours use time
  • $194 (normal price $259)

Soraya is a high-end rabbit vibrator for those of you with a taste for lavish things.

Replace your fingers with an orgasmic experience like no other, inspired by Soraya’s ultra-powerful vibrations.

Feel the double pleasure from its silicone-covered flexible tip, which effortlessly caresses your clit, and an additional pulsating arm that stimulates your G-spot, sending nothing but good vibes both ways.

Perfect for blended orgasms with each use.

With eight pleasure settings to explore and a long-lasting charge, you get to play for up to two hours without running out of juice.

Check out the Soraya Wave’s discounted price before the offer ends.

2. Lelo Mia 2 Lipstick VibratorUltimate Travel-Friendly Sex Toy

lelo mia 2 lipstick vibrator, best sex toys

Best Features

  • Sleek, portable design
  • USB rechargeable
  • Travel safe
  • $58 (normal price $89)

The Mia 2 vibrator fits into your handbag and sits unnoticeably in/on your bedside drawer. Simply said, this sex toy is the true definition of discreetness.

It’s small enough to accompany you on your travels, and thanks to a travel lock, it doesn’t set off at the wrong moment.

Enjoy this surprisingly powerful bullet with extra space to grip that makes targeting your clit and other erogenous zones extra delightful.

Get yours today at LELO for a discounted price of $58 only.

3. VibeaseBest Wearable Vibrator 

vibease, best sex toys, vibrators, pleasure, orgasms

Best Features

  • Wearable female vibrator
  • App controlled
  • Sync with audiobooks
  • $119 

Vibe your way to a happy ending with one of the pioneers of app-controlled, wearable vibrators. 

With Vibease, you can vibrate in sync with your favorite erotic audio or get blasted by a long-distance partner without losing the vibration’s quality via the internet.

The Vibease panty vibrator has a snug fit that nestles comfortably in your knickers and provides some of the most discreet pleasure vibes.

Feel the power of this sexy babe for only $119 today at Vibease’s official store.

4. Unbound ClutchErgonomic Approach to Pleasuralble Vibrations

unbound clutch, best vibrators

Best Features

  • Up to 22 pattern combinations
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Waterproof
  • Powerful rabbit vibrator
  • $98

Unbound’s bestselling rabbit is the perfect choice when you’re craving a blended climax. Forgoing the classical design for an ergonomic handle, you can reach your peaks from any angle.

Compared to other rabbit vibrators, the Unbound Clutch has a bulkier bulbous shaft

And Instead of buzzing vibrations, you get rumbly sensations, on top of internal thrusts that stimulate the G-spot.

And here’s what we loved most about this one—you can control the two arms separately

There are two buttons on the base of the handheld vibrator, allowing you to customize the way you enjoy this female pleasure toy.

Get unbound with the Clutch today for only $98. 

5. We-Vibe JiveRumbling G-Spot Vibrator 

we vibe jive, best vibrators, sex toys

Best Features

  • Seamless, waterproof design
  • 10 powerful modes
  • Low-power alert
  • $119

Intensify your solo and couple sessions with the deep, powerful vibrations from the wearable Jive.

This silicone vibrator is so smooth you’ll hardly feel its perfectly contoured head resting on your sweet spot. 

It gives you the mental freedom to explore the 10 vibration modes available and endless possibilities on the We-Vibe app.

The Jive is thoughtful enough to alert you whenever she’s low on power, so you can fill her up and play without distractions.

Get your Jive for $119 and jam to one of the best wearable orgasms on the market today.

6. Lovense NoraBest Rabbit Vibrator

lovense nora, best sex toys

Best Features

  • Dual stimulation
  • Flexible, rotating G-spot arm
  • Syncs with other Lovense toys
  • $109 (normal $199)

The Nora is an outstanding rabbit vibrator that offers to stimulate both your sweet spots simultaneously.

It comes with a nicely-curved rotating shaft with a vibrating head that targets your G-spot and an extended vibrating arm for your clit.

The fun part is that they can be controlled independently, making the Nora perfect for sex toy beginners since it allows for exploration.

Head over to Lovense and enjoy the amazing price discount of $109.

7. Lelo Smart Wand 2Best Luxury Massaging Pleasure Toy

lelo smart wand 2, best vibrators, sex toys

Best Features

  • Steadier handle
  • Up to 10 vibe settings
  • Four-hour user time
  • $118 (Medium model)

This beautifully crafted wand works magic by soothing your cramped muscles and massaging your sensual spots at the same time.

Unlike its predecessor, the improved Wand 2 pleasure toy features an upgraded handle that makes the grip more comfortable. It also has a bulbous head made of velvety, soft silicone that’s gentle on the touch and sends powerful vibrations all over your body.

The three-button interface gives you total control over your wand, letting you enjoy the 10 available pleasure settings with ease.

There’s even a Large model ($159) if you want to cover more ground when working your magic.

Get the Wand 2 for a truly holistic experience today

8. Fifty Shades Darker Desire ExplodesTop Movie Franchise Vibrator

fifty shades darker desire vibrator, best sex toys

Best Features

  • One-hour playtime
  • 12 vibration settings
  • Storage bag included
  • $109.99

Experience satisfaction and intense orgasms with the rechargeable Desire G-spot vibrator from the Fifty Shades Franchise.

Its slender silicone shaft graduates gently towards the base, cleverly designed to locate the right spot before rumbling away.

It has 12 vibration settings and eight patterns that you can explore and experiment with as you try to find what tickles your fancy.

Peep into Lovehoney and get the best price for the Fifty Shades Hall of Fame toy.

9. Lovense Lush 3Cam Girls’ Favorite Intimate Toy

lovense lush 3, best pleasure toys, vibrators, orgasms

Best Features

  • Unlimited modes via app
  • Super-powerful vibrations
  • Silky smooth outer finish
  • $109 (normal $199)

Forget remotes and buttons, Bluetooth vibrators like the Lush 3 are the new way to enjoy hands-free climaxes. That’s why it’s every cam girl’s favorite sex toy today.

“The Lovense Lush 3 is one sex toy that you create expectations for, and then when you actually get to use it, your expectations are surpassed …,” accounts one connoisseur from The Gritty Woman.

It has a variety of rigorous and soft rumblings paired with soft silicone skin to give you memorable, toe-curling sensual experiences.

Get it at a discount from Lovense’s official store today and enjoy unlimited pleasure modes on the app.

10. Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40Top Rechargeable Suction Stimulator

womanizer x lovehoney pro40 best vibrators pleasure toys

Best Features

  • Pleasure Air suction
  • Magnetic charging
  • Six intensities
  • $74.25 (normal $99)

The Pro40 is an air-suction pleasure toy for adventurous babes with a taste for aesthetics.

Its Pleasure Air technology stimulates your clit without making contact through six intensity levels that massage and suck simultaneously.

Pro40 is also waterproof, so you’re clear to bring her along in the tub/shower. 

Grab it on sale for $74.25 from Lovehoney.

11. Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy GirlOne-Stop-Shop Pleasure Toy

fifty shades of grey greedy girl, best vibrators

Best Features

  • Dual stimulator
  • 36 combined vibration modes
  • USB charging
  • $69.99 (normal $99.99)

Endorsed by the author E.L. James of the same title, this rabbit vibrator is designed to satisfy your sexual needs in ways you’ve never experienced before.

This dual stimulator is designed with a 9.5-inch shaft and bunny ears, each with separate motors that exquisitely serve your clit and G-spot. 

Tweak your way through the 12 available vibration modes and the ears’ three modes for a combined 36 pleasure-intensive levels for a one-of-a-kind climax sequence.

Bunny-hop over to Lovehoney and enjoy a 30% discount while the offer lasts.

12. Lovehoney Mini RocketCheap Vibrator With Multiple Options in One

lovehoney mini rocket, best vibrators, pleasure toys

Best Features

  • Four interchangeable heads
  • Seven vibration functions
  • 150 minutes run time
  • $42.99

The Mini Rocket bullet vibrator set works for those who love variety since it comes with a set of four interchangeable heads for clit (or nipple) play.

… How about that?

The stylish gold-and-pink bullet vibrator also comes packed with seven vibration functions that you can alternate between as you find what works for you.

It’s fully waterproof, so you can party in the showers with it, and it’s USB-rechargeable, making it a great travel companion.

Get the best offer on this unit at Lovehoney today!

13. Iroha MidoriSupple Compact Intimate Toy Massager

iroha midori, best sex toys, vibrators

Best Features

  • Super-soft silicone skin
  • Discreet design
  • Four vibration modes
  • $90

Designed by the renowned Tenga and winner of the 2015 Red Dot Design Award, this luxurious massager brings pleasure closer to home.

The Midori is encased in soft-touch silicone skin that’ll make you feel like clouds cruising your clit. You can caress your points of need using its supple head or target your clit using the small precision bump found at the top for pin-pointed pleasure.

The compact and discreet design is easy on the eye, simple to use and features four vibration modes for the best rumbly effect during stimulation.

Get yours over at Tenga’s official store for only $90.

14. Rave by We-VibeReliable G-Spot Massager With Powerful Motor

rave by we vibe, best pleasure toys

Best Features

  • Twist inside for more stimulation
  • Up to two hours of playtime
  • Whisper-quiet
  • $119

Designed for use with a twisting motion, the Wave has a unique shape ready for spontaneous fun and mind-blowing G-spot stimulation.

It is made from 100% body-safe silicone for an easy glide, and this baby can go up to two hours on a full charge.

Connect to the We-Vibe app and share the Rave with your long-distance partner, create your custom vibrations and enjoy boundless sex/foreplay together.

Check it out at We-Vibe for the best price.

15. Lelo SILA CruiseIdeal Female Toy for Beginners

lelo sila cruise, best pleasure toys, vibrators

Best Features

  • Best vibrator for beginners 
  • Gentle sonic suction
  • Eight pleasure settings
  • $132 (normal $189)

Getting intimate with a sex toy might seem like technical stuff if you’re not familiar with it, but the Cruise by Lelo is the best option if you want to start learning the ropes.

This small, intimate toy gives off gentle suction waves with eight settings for clitoral stimulation without making contact, so it’s not too aggressive and you won’t go numb using it.

Its wide mouth gravitates around your sweet spot, blowing gently and bringing you to a fulfilling orgasm as it spreads the massaging waves all around your sweet regions.

Check out the SILA Cruise at Lelo and enjoy the price discount before it ends.

16. Lovehoney Rose Toy Clitoral Suction StimulatorCheap Vibrator With Suction Technology

lovehoney rose toy clitoral suction stimulator, best vibrators

Best Features

  • Easy-to-use two-button control
  • Up to 65 minutes playtime
  • 10 available modes
  • $34.99 (normal $49.99)

The best things come in small packages, and the same goes for this elegant rose-shaped sex toy.

Rose is your perfect companion for a night on the bed or aquatic adventures in the tub since she’s waterproof. 

She’ll please you with a mind-blowing air suction like no other.

Don’t let her good looks fool you; she is armed with 10 suction modes and controlled by an easy two-button interface.

Dash to Lovehoney and catch the 30% price drop while it lasts.

17. We-Vibe Touch XMultitasking Rechargeable Pleasure Toy

we vibe touch x, best vibrators, sex toys

Best Features

  • Effective scoop design
  • Eight vibration modes
  • Travel lock feature
  • $99

The Touch X pleasure toy is the ultimate Smooth Operator. It massages your tensed-up muscles and releases your sexual tension at the same time.

It has a fantastic scoop design that rests perfectly on top of your flower and sends concentrated vibes down your nerves.

The concave shape is perfect for couples because it stays in place while you and your boo are bumping uglies.

What’s more, this ingenious sex toy from Vibease is whisper-quiet, keeping the vibrations discreet and won’t announce your business to the world when in use.

Get in on the deal today for only $99 and enjoy up to 2 hours on a full charge.

18. Lovense DolceDual Female Toy for Unforgettable Climaxes  

lovense dolce, best sex toys, vibrators

Best Features

  • Silicone casing
  • App control 
  • Delicate textures for extra pleasure 
  • $119 (normal $229)

Like the other guns in the Lovense arsenal, the Dolce also comes with Bluetooth and app control so you and your distant partner can get comfy as usual.

So why go for a Bluetooth vibrator?

Because “Bluetooth sex toys function as sexual organs without bodies …,”  according to a  research paper, aptly named Bluetooth Orgasms.

It comes with 10 pre-set modes, but the app gives you limitless possibilities with custom presets that you can call up whenever.

The adjustable neck lets it sit snugly inside you without feeling rigid, with a two-button control for easy navigation.

Rush to Lovense and bag this vibrator now with the discount still running.

19. LoveHoney Deluxe Mini WandCheap Vibrator For Traveling

lovehoney deluxe mini wand, best sex toys

Best Features

  • 10 intensity levels
  • Flexible head
  • Travel-safe
  • $29.99 (normal $49.99)

Take your pleasures to-go with the stylish and affordable mini-massager that’s ideal for your carry-on.

Treat your delicate nerve endings to seven vibration modes with 10 intensity levels each and experience over-the-edge sensations at the click of a button.

With a generous amount of lube, direct the broad silicone head to your more intimate areas and watch the funky metallic wand rock your world.

You can get this wonderful marvel at an amazing 40% discount at Lovehoney right now.

20. We-Vibe ChorusBest Couples Play Pleasure Toy

we vibe chorus, best pleasure toys, vibrators

Best Features

  • Adjustable fit
  • Wearable vibrator
  • Handheld remote control
  • Touch-sense technology
  • $199

Share the Chorus sensations with your lover thanks to the wearable design that fits everybody. It has an adjustable vibrating arm that lets you bend, fold or turn it into your preferred angle or position.

It also has an intuitive remote that changes vibrations depending on how hard you squeeze it so you don’t fumble around in the heat of the moment.

Even better is the Touch-sense feature that lies just beneath the We-Vibe logo. It responds to your touch movements and adjusts the rhythms accordingly.

Take a shot at the We-Vibe Chorus today and see what you’ve been missing out on!

21. LoveHoney Tease Finger VibratorCheap Vibrator To Amplify Other Toys 

lovehoney tease finger vibrator, best pleasure toys

Best Features

  • External vibrator
  • Finger control
  • Single-speed vibration
  • $16.99

What if I told you that you can make your finger vibrate? 

Well, not exactly your finger, but you can add another dash of pleasure to your me-time with Lovehoney’s Tease.

The Tease is a bullet vibratorthat goes on your finger like a ring, for better external stimulation over your clit or other erogenous zones.

It’s perfect to combine with other sex toys during foreplay or when you need to boost the scene during penetrative sex.

Fancy a run with the Tease? Get yours at Lovehoney for only $16.99.

22. We-Vibe Nova 2Your Ideal Flexible Rabbit Vibrator 

we vibe nova 2, best sex toys, pleasure, orgasms

Best Features

  • Flexible arms
  • Dual stimulation
  • USB rechargeable
  • $149

Flex your tensions away with the We-Vibe Nova 2, which stimulates your G-spot while its external arm does its wonders on your clit.

Both arms are flexible, so they can fit into your body like a glove. 

And the best part?

It’s USB-rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about carrying extra packs of batteries when you’re traveling and will give you two hours of playtime on a full charge.

Head over to We-Vibe’s official store and get the best deal right now …

23. Lelo EnigmaInnovative Double Stimulation Female Toy

lelo enigma, best vibrators

Best Features

  • Sonic waves
  • Double stimulation
  • Eight pleasure settings
  • $149 (normal 199)

Most female vibrators put more emphasis on the G-spot, forgetting the clit, but not the Enigma.

Its luxurious design puts equal focus on both erogenous zones, with one part of the flexible arm resting above your clit and the other nesting around the G-spot.

Instead of bombarding your clit with pulsing vibrations, Enigma’s cutting-edge sonic vibrations resonate deep into the sensual nerves for maximum effect and spread gently to your jackpot areas.

Thrill yourself to eight pleasure settings ranging from soft purrs to deep rumblings on this waterproof beauty.

Get yourself this fast-moving beauty at Lelo today while stocks last.

24. Lovense FerriMost Powerful Clip-on Panty Vibrator 

lovense ferri, best sex toys, vibrators

Best Features

  • Portable design
  • Powerful and silent motor
  • Rechargeable
  • $119

Ferri is the first wearable vibrator in the Lovense line and doesn’t fail to impress with its treats.

First off, it has a magnetic clip that holds onto dear life when placed against your knickers, making this clit massager stay put, regardless of any movement.

For such a small vibrator, it has an impressively strong motor that’s quiet enough to be set off in a library in case you’re in the mood to be mischievous.

Cart one of these babies from Lovense and discover the full adventure awaiting you.

25. Lovehoney FrolicBeginner-Friendly G-Spot Sex Toy

lovehoney frolic, best vibrators

Best Features

  • One-button control
  • Cheap vibrator
  • Curved shaft for precision
  • Beginner-friendly
  • $29.99

Cool your inner lust with a female vibrator like the Frolic that always understands the assignment.

Curved meticulously at the tip, and supported by a slim shaft, the smooth silicone slides perfectly into where you need it, delivering knee-trembling sensations right on cue.

Frolic’s compact size makes it easy to travel with, and you’ll get 10 pleasure settings added to your adventure.

Get one at Lovehoney and experience G-spot stimulation like no other.

26. Lovense HyphyTop Double-Ended Vibrator 

lovense hyphy, best vibrators

Best Features

  • Dual-ended functionality
  • Three attachments included
  • Multifrequency vibration
  • $109

If you were waiting for a vibrator that can serve multiple functions at a go, then Lovense Hyphy says “your wait is over.”

Run yourself through with rumbly vibrations from the G-spot-stimulating end with up to 12,000 vibes per minute.

The smaller rear end holds provides high-frequency vibrations, amplified by three silicone attachments, for caressing and pinpointing pleasurable vibrations to your clitoris.

Try out Hyphy today and break away from monotonous sex.

27. Iroha YukiSemi-insertable Massaging Pleasure Toy

iroha yuki, best vibrators, sex toys

Best Features

  • Pillow-soft body
  • Semi-insertable
  • Four vibration modes
  • $90 

Yuki is a lovable, snowman-shaped semi-insertable massager with purring vibrations up for grabs.

Its delicate silicone smoothness is inviting to the touch and feels pillowy to your sensitive parts.

It’s small enough to stay unnoticed in your handbag and still delivers a wide range of four vibrations for the ultimate panty-soaking climaxes.

We loved the cute exterior, which makes the toy perfect as an inconspicuous decoration.

Make your acquaintance with Yuki today and add some flavor to your game. 

28. Lovense Osci 2Best Oscillating Female Sex Toy

lovense osci 2, best sex toys

Best Features

  • Oscillating stimulations
  • 350 vibes/minute
  • Long battery life
  • $109

Let Osci transform your punitive solo sessions into a sexy masterclass of out-of-town orgasmic sensations.

Experience targeted oscillations, different from traditional vibrations produced by a perfectly crafted oval concave head that knows its way around to your G-spot.

With 350 vibrations/minute, you’ll be running wild on adrenaline and get to climax over and over for up to five hours on a single charge.

Cart this today at Lovense and see what its whole deal is about.

29. We-Vibe MoxieEye-Candy Panty Vibrator 

we vibe moxie, best pleasure toys, vibrators

Best Features

  • Magnetic clip for a better fit
  • 10 rumbly vibe modes
  • App-controlled
  • $129

Panty vibrators come in different shapes and sizes, but not as elegant and effective as the We-Vibe Moxie.

A magnetic clip holds her in place, giving you the best hands-free eruptions money could buy in this age.

Apart from being hush, Moxie comes with a revolutionary Bluetooth security feature that prevents other signals from interfering with your connection when in use.

Check out the We-Vibe today and get a firsthand taste of its endless adventure.

30. Lelo Ora 3Most Luxurious Oral-Sex Simulator 

lelo ora 3, oral sex simulator

Best Features

  • Enhanced tongue simulator
  • 12 pleasure settings
  • Rechargeable
  • $125 (normal $179)

How about a sex toy that goes down on you but with some class? Ora would be happy to break you off, and it’s gonna be better than you could dream of.

Or what your ex could ever deliver.

You’ll be screaming ‘’mama mia’” the moment her rotating tongue simulator gets to work on you with exciting movement combos.

Also, enjoy an endless streak of tongue-licking fun that’s more imaginative than your ex across 12 vibration modes and for one straight hour on a full charge.

Get yours today at Lelo and see how long you can hold back your pleasure floods.

31. We-Vibe TangoBest-selling Bullet Vibrator 

we vibe tango, best vibrators, sex toys

Best Features

  • 10 vibration modes
  • Waterproof
  • Silent and discreet design
  • $55 (normal $79)

Whether you are a sex toy amateur or connoisseur, this sleek yet cheap vibrator will have you dancing under lots of heat.

Take the Tango’s 10 vibration modes for a spin and discover why she’s been a bestseller for almost a decade.

She is a classic silicone-covered doll, she’s rechargeable and as quiet as a mouse on a mission.

Get her today at a discount price of $55 at We-Vibe.com.

32. Lovense AmbiTop App-Controlled Bullet Vibrator 

lovense ambi, best vibrators, sex toys

Best Features

  • Broader reach around your vulva
  • Comfortable handle for grip
  • App-enabled 
  • $64

Don’t underestimate Ambi’s capacity to blow your mind away due to her miniature size

She’s a very powerful bullet vibrator, that comes in handy when you need broader, more powerful vibrations up and down your honey spot.

It has a good handle that gives you a better grip while also reducing the chances of you getting your hands dirty as you tango.

Get it today at a reduced price of $64 and enjoy limitless possibilities via its app features.

What Should I Look for in the Best Vibrators? 

best vibrators, sex toys, pleasure orgasms

1. PriceWill you be poor afterwards?

We all look for an affordable sex toy that fits our budget, but we have to admit to ourselves that quality is never cheap. Especially when you’re buying something that goes up your hoo-ha.

Still, the manufacturers try to be as fair as possible with the pricing. 

In any case, we suggest not compromising quality over price when shopping for a good sex toy.

The best vibrators will usually cost you a pretty penny, but the good thing is that most (like our top picks) actually deliver on their promise.

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2. MaterialLet’s be careful what we put inside us!

Silicone is the safest material for sex toys, as advised by sexual health experts. 

Body-safe or medical-grade silicone is ideal for everyone, provided that allergies are not an issue, says Women’s Health Interactive.

Other viable material options include borosilicate glass, ABS Plastic and stainless steel (as seen in the Original Magic Wand). These alternatives are also safe for the greater part and easy to clean and maintain. 

3. StrengthHow intense do you want it?

The best vibrators have strong motors producing roars and rumbles enough to drive you to a heartfelt orgasm.

We’ve picked out quality female vibrators whose strong motors are packed with a variety (of vibration modes and patterns) that will keep you satisfied every time you turn them on. 

A fair warning though: A strong motor equals a loud one, so opt for something on the discreet side if you live with roommates.

4. TypeG-spot, Rabbit, Clit?

The best vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, but they can be broadly broken up into a few types:

  • G-spot vibrators offer internal G-spot stimulation. They’re usually curved and have a bulbous tip
  • Rabbit vibrators are classics that offer dual stimulation, with the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously.
  • Bullet vibrators can be used for external stimulation of the clit and nipples, and they’re perfect to combine with other sex toys.
  • Wand vibrators are modeled after the popular Hitachi Original Magic Wand. They’re external vibrators perfect for intense, deep, rumbly clitoral stimulation
  • Suction toys are newer designs which use air pressure to create suction on the clitoris or nipples. 

Of course, if you or your partner have a penis, you can also check out the best men’s sex toys.

Best Vibrators—FAQs

Which Lube Should I Use With Sex Toys?

best sex lube, lubricant, pleasure, orgasms

You should use water-based lubricant with all of your sex toys since it’s a universally safe lube and silicone-covered toys take it well. 

DO NOT USE silicone-based lube on silicone toys, since it will damage the material and overall performance of the toy.

I’d recommend oil-based lubes mostly for massages; they’re great for foreplay before the action.

What Are the Best Vibrators for Couples?

The best vibrator for couples is the We-Vibe Chorus. It can be worn during P-to-V sex and won’t move during thrusting. The squeeze remote changes vibration rhythms without interrupting yours.

Looking for someone to try it out with? Why not check out the best hookup sites for casual sex.

Why Are Nonporous Vibrators Better?

Nonporous sex toys are better because they have no microscopic pores. This means they’re water-resistant, easy to clean and do not collect bacteria. 

Nonporous materials are silicone, stainless steel and ABS Plastic.

Porous sex toys are notoriously difficult to clean and sanitize as they absorb and hide bacteria beneath the surface, according to Wednesday Lee Friday from Women’s Health Interactive.

Why Should I Spend $100 on the Best Vibrators?

Spending $100 or more on the best vibrators is an investment on its own, and we encourage you to do it. Quality vibrators don’t come cheap since most don’t compromise functionality.

For that price, you get a vibrator with strong battery life, functional designs made with safe material and lots of powerful vibration settings to bring you to the edge of your seat.

What Are the Best Vibrators for People Who Have Never Had an Orgasm?

best vibrators, sex toys, orgasms

If you have never had an orgasm and want to try out something new, the Lelo Smart Wand 2 is the best choice due to its powerful vibrations and ease of control.

It’s only an external massager for your clit, but if you prefer G-spot stimulation, the Fifty Shades Greedy Girl rabbit vibrator still works perfectly.

The Lelo SILA Cruise is also worth a try for air suction stimulation if you are not yet ready for anything hardcore.

How Do I Clean a Vibrator Properly?

To clean your vibrator properly, all you need is antibacterial soap (or a toy cleaning solution) and warm water. 

A recent study by the University of Toronto Press shares that infections such as HPV can be spread from one person to another as a result of poor cleaning of your sex toys.

Dip a cloth in the water and apply soap to the damp cloth. Wash the vibrator gently for about two minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Some vibrators also come with specific cleaning instructions, so make sure you always refer to the user guide for cleaning instructions.

You should clean your vibrator before and after every use to avoid infections from accumulated dirt or bacteria.

So, Which Are the Best Vibrators?

My duty was to plug you in with the best vibrator technology for your sexual cravings.

Right off the bat, the Lelo Soraya Wave is the best female pleasure toy as it delivers intense, rumbly vibrations onto your clit and while working your G-spot to boot.

lelo soraya wave, best vibrators, sex toys

Top app-controlled lines like Lovense and We-Vibe series work best if you like exploring and experimenting with your sensuality.

Regardless of which toy you choose, always cart an extra tube of lube, to help you get along the way.

So what are you waiting for?

Get yourself a bedside companion and experience a whole new level of self-induced orgasms.


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