.Best Veggie Burrito on a Budget

Burrito Express

Believe it or not the best inexpensive veggie burrito in Oakland can’t be found in the Fruitvale or at any of the taco trucks East of Lake Merritt. Burrito Express, a little corner taqueria on 14th Street, hidden a couple blocks behind Oakland City Hall, is devoid of comfortable seating, so getting food to go is the best option. But the service is fast and the prices are cheap. The veggie burritos are all super, by definition, meaning that they automatically include avocado and sour cream, and you get your choice of black or pinto beans. For less than seven bucks, it’s a savory and relatively healthy meal or two, thanks to the brick-sized burritos they roll. The salsa bar is no-nonsense; it offers the basic reds and greens, pico de gallo, and bins of sliced radishes and pickled peppers, along with carrots to snack on. Burrito Express also makes a thicker type of tomatillo salsa that is superior to the more translucent and watery versions, especially when you pour it into the top of a veggie burrito.


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