.Best Variation on a Cronut

Donut Savant

It has been two years since a New York City pastry chef first turned the bakery world upside down with the croissant-doughnut hybrid that has since become synonymous with two things: over-the-top fried dough decadence and standing in line for hours on end. Copycat versions — most of them mediocre — have sprung up from coast to coast, but here in the East Bay we’re lucky. At Donut Savant, the lines are relatively sane, and each square-shaped “Cron’t” (rhymes with “don’t”) is a study in flaky-layered pastry perfection, marrying the delicate richness of a croissant with the pillow-y bounce of an old-fashioned raised doughnut. Our favorite variety is topped with a salted maple glaze that adds just the right savory counterpoint. (Pro tip: For an extra dollar, you can up the decadence factor and get the Cron’t of your choice filled with vanilla pastry cream.) Best of all, at least in theory, the Cron’ts are available anytime Donut Savant is open. That said, Laurel Davis, head savant in charge, explained that the dough takes sixteen hours to prepare — so, as delicious as these are, it shouldn’t be surprising that demand sometimes outstrips supply.


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