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Grand Daddy Purple

East Bay denizens have more medical marijuana choices than almost any population on the planet, with major local dispensaries carrying dozens of strains daily. Supplies across the Bay Area vary widely and turn over daily, as growers bring in their latest and it quickly flies out the door. While patients continue to explore ever-more exotic hybrids and speedy sativas, there remains a strain that’s endemic to and synonymous with Oakland, and that strain is Grand Daddy Purple. Known for its potent, purple, dense buds; sweet, candy smell; and grape taste, Grand Daddy Purple is thought to be a Northern California remix of the strains Purple Urkel and Big Bud. It’s also considered a pure indica that tests as high as 18 percent THC, which might explain why patients using it report profound relaxation, making it suitable for battling stress, managing cancer pain, or watching reality TV on Bravo. Widely available locally in clone form or online as seeds, it does great outdoors or indoors in soil or hydro. Local operators say the East Bay can’t get enough of the “GDP.”


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