.Best Specialty Market for Noodle-Loving Home Cooks

Yuen Hop Co

From the outside, Yuen Hop looks like any other grocery store and produce market in Chinatown — plastic bins filled with bitter melon, ong choy, and other Chinese greens in front; a panoply of canned and dry goods in the back. But Chinatown regulars know that the best reason to go to this market is for its amazing selection of fresh noodles and dumpling wrappers — almost every imaginable variety, all made fresh in-house every day since 1931. Need chewy alkaline noodles for making Japanese ramen? Skinny egg noodles for a quick stir-fry? Dim sum style rice noodle rolls? Wrappers for making homemade gyoza or pierogies? Whatever your noodle needs are, chances are that Yuen Hop has you covered, with bargain-basement prices — $1 or $2 for a giant bag of noodles — to boot.


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