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.Best Service at a Restaurant


They’re a generally degenerate and unreliable group of people, but if there were ever something Yelpers are good for, it’s nitpicking about restaurant service. So it says something when the vast majority of a place’s thousand-some-odd reviews aren’t just positive about the service, but downright rhapsodic. And for good reason: Pizzaiolo’s vast army of bussers, bartenders, servers, and hosts are, without a doubt, the most efficient, patient, and friendly in the East Bay. This is the kind of place where the host recognizes you after a grand total of one visit; where your server can tell from across the room, as though by magic or supersonic hearing or both, that you’ve dropped your fork or would like some hot sauce; where, if the kitchen’s running slow, a black-shirted fairy will drop by your table with complimentary bread or wine to tide you over. Owner Charlie Hallowell is rumored to put his staff through rigorous training; suffice it to say it shows.


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music in the park san jose