.Best Restaurant for Carnivores with Gourmet Tastes

Box and Bells

The concept behind James Syhabout’s newest hotspot, Box and Bells, is food that chefs like to eat during their daily staff meals, at the end of their shift, or on their rare nights off. And based on the restaurant’s menu, it seems that what chefs like to eat is rich, indulgent food — food in which meat takes center stage, or, even when it plays a supporting role, winds up stealing the show. At Box and Bells, the steaks are phenomenal — tender beyond belief — and the Japanese-inspired fried chicken, paired with raw oyster mayonnaise, is as good a fried chicken dish as you’ll ever eat. During the winter months, even the salads often come studded with humongous chunks of bacon, and cooked vegetable side dishes, such as roasted celery root, come in a pool of rich, intensely flavorful beef and chicken drippings. We’re not complaining, though. If this is how chefs eat, it’s easy to see why someone would want to be one.

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