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.Best Place to Take a Chance On Durian

Secret Scoop Thai Gelato

music in the park san jose

Durian runs the gamut on likability. Its distinctive smell has been compared to outhouses and gym socks, and it’s banned from some public transportation in Singapore. Yet if you can get past the smell, some people find the taste quite agreeable, like strawberries and cream. Though it is consumed and enjoyed widely in many Asian countries, it’s not common in the United States. Enter Secret Scoop Thai Gelato, Berkeley’s gourmet Thai-inspired gelato shop, offering a unique gelato to partake of this mysterious, oft-maligned fruit. The shop’s durian black sesame gelato comes in a pre-packed half pint, great for sharing with a friend, or a generous serving for yourself. Small black flecks (the sesame) and yellow-green flecks (the durian) are blended and swirled throughout, giving the gelato a vaguely vegetable-esque, mild onion flavor which is balanced by the ample creaminess and sweetness of the gelato itself. Whether you’ve always loved durian or have never heard of it, this treat is definitely worth a try.


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music in the park san jose