Best Place to Replace Your Useless Trunk Lock

Rex Key and Security

If you have one of those cars whose trunk can be opened with a screwdriver, you’re probably getting a little tired of having to repair the lock. Not to mention replace your purse, tire iron, prescription sunglasses, volleyball, and whatever else was in there before the robbers got to it. Although the best plan is not to leave anything you care about in your car, there are times when you don’t want to lug all your paraphernalia around on your person. And there are times when your stuff is safer in the trunk than with you — for instance, when you’re going out after work, don’t have time to dump the handbag at home, and might be walking by yourself to your car at midnight. Plan ahead and swap that feeble lock for a round one that looks like the end of a Cryptonite bike lock: it’s much tougher than your old one. And Rex will pull out the bad old lock and slap in the good new one faster than you can cancel your credit cards. Then, the net time you have to leave your stuff in the car, put some money and ID in your pocket and stash everything else in the trunk long before you arrive at your parking spot so that no loitering thieves will see you do it. Then relax.

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