Best Place to Reclaim the Childhood Your Mother Threw Out

Toy Go Round

A garage sale, spring cleaning, moving away to college — whatever
the reason, many priceless toys slipped away as you left childhood
behind. For a long time, eBay has been a great spot for finding those
childhood friends, but too often you end up spending $80 on an action
figure because it’s still in the box and considered a collector’s item.
Forget eBay and head to Albany, where you can pick up a few memories
that won’t break your piggy bank. Toy Go Round does offer some mint
on-card toys, but most of its selection comprises used and consigned
toys with little to no wear. Especially impressive is the assortment of
action figures — a twentysomething nerd’s wet dream. Buckets and
boxes overflow with He-Man, M.A.S.K., Marvel, and DC superheroes,
wrestling figures, Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers (pre-Michael
Bay), and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Most figures are around $5 to
$8 (comparable to what you paid after saving up a month’s allowance in
1989) and come complete with that giddy, gleeful feeling in your
stomach that recalls summer vacation, Saturday morning cartoons, and
sugar cereals. Stepping inside Toy Go Round, with its dim lighting and
slightly dusty smell, is like entering a giant toy box that’s been
sealed up for years. Without worrying about ruining an $80 investment,
you’re free to take these toys out of the box and play for hours until
your mom calls you for dinner.


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