.Best Place to Cry in Public

Henry J. Kaiser Memorial Park

Sobbing in public can be an incredibly cathartic experience. It can feel great to let the tears flow while riding a train, eating alone, or walking down a crowded street. In some cases, though, when you want to really let out a good cry in public, outdoor parks and plazas offer the perfect backdrop. In the center of the Henry J. Kaiser Memorial Park along 19th Street in Oakland, just west of Telegraph Avenue, the beautiful Remember Them: Champions for Humanity monument provides criers a safe space to wail freely. The 25-foot-tall, 52-foot-wide bronze statues, created by Oakland artist Mario Chiodo, were unveiled in 2011 and honor 25 civil rights activists, including Rosa Parks and Harvey Milk. Looking at these powerful works of art and reflecting on the sacrifices of humanitarian leaders is reason enough to shed a few tears. Practically speaking, they also provide some physical protection for criers, too. And the park is a space to feel anonymous without feeling completely alone. The hustle of Uptown Oakland surrounds you.


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