Best Place to Buy Stuff You Wish You Didnt Need

Johnston Medical

Stroll into the building that houses Johnston Medical and the first thing that might flash through your mind is, “Why didn’t they clean up after the earthquake?” Your second thought will be “Jeez, I hope I don’t ever need any of this stuff.” But the truth is, we’re probably all gonna need some of it someday, like it or not. Johnston supplies its local and mail-order customers with bandages, footlifts, ambulatory socks, braces, adult potty seats, canes, wheelchairs, and much more. Some of the items in here you don’t even want to know about: leg bags, catheters, and suppositories, to name a few. But within the cramped shelves and stacks of cardboard boxes is a goldmine of supplies that makes life easier for those of us with aches, pains, and assisted-living needs. No doubt Johnston Medical could use some sprucing up. It’s almost impossible to find anything yourself without the assistance of one of the harried but helpful employees. Dressings, cushions, and specialized pillows literally fall off the counters. Items are mislabeled or not labeled at all. Yet, should you need a bottle of dry shampoo (for those who take waterless baths) or a carton of two-inch nonstick tape, Johnston’s probably has it. And if not, they’ll order it for you.


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