.Best Place to Build Your Zine Collection

Rock Paper Scissors Collective

Among the punk-rock sect, zines are the currency of cool. They are DIY, artistic, analog, underground, and radical all at once. Hence, the bigger your zine collection, the more rad you are. It’s unsurprising that Rock Paper Scissors Collective has the East Bay’s best zine selection, as the little shop has been one of the coolest kids on the Uptown-Koreatown block since before Art Murmur was even established. The volunteer-run art collective offers art classes and monthly gallery shows, in addition to running an eclectic boutique of local, handmade consignment goods — including an ever-replenishing shelf of those little hand-bound treasures. What really makes the RPSC zine experience the best, though, is the extensive zine library, which is the self-proclaimed biggest in the East Bay. Crawl inside the fort-like space and curl up between the shelves with a stack of zines. When you emerge, you’ll be so cool your friends won’t even recognize you.


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