.Best Pizza for Umami Lovers

"Shroom" pizza at Buma's Pizzeria

Umami, the elusive fifth taste, may have been discovered by the Japanese, but Italians and Italian-Americans have long held it in high esteem — after all, tomato sauce is loaded with umami, and Parmesan cheese is basically naturally aged MSG. For the “Shroom” pie at Buma’s, chef Jon Kosorek takes that savory, saliva-inducing quality that you’ll find in any decent red-sauce pizza and ups the ante, infusing umami into almost every component, especially in the three different kinds of mushrooms he uses: dried porcinis that are ground to a powder, and button and cremini mushrooms that are shaved paper-thin — both preparations that intensify the mushroom-y umami effect. Add an abundance of whole roasted garlic cloves to the mix, and you wind up with a pizza with so much earthy depth of flavor, you might not be able to stop eating it.


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