Best Personal Coach

Molly McCormick

The concept of coaching can seem so, well, junior high and forced, like a demented combination of homeroom and boot camp: laps across the soccer field until your lungs are on fire, hitting the floor for yet another round of pushups, rushing the other kid until you’re both seeing stars. But that’s not the kind of coaching Molly McCormick of Mind-Body Integration Counseling provides. Rather than dishing out mandatory torture, McCormick helps clients look more deeply at their lives, acting as a friendly witness. She’ll help you set goals, sure, but using what she calls an “appreciative approach” — a way of being curious about what might happen next and taking a proactive, instead of reactive, stance toward opportunities and challenges. And don’t worry, McCormick walks her talk, too, showing through her own life that personal growth is in the effort, not necessarily in the accomplishment: In the 2008 Bicycle Tour De Colorado — a seven-day, 403-mile ride with 38,000 feet of climbing — she rode 311 miles and climbed 25,050 feet in six days. With McCormick, it’s progress, not perfection, that makes for a life well-lived.


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