.Best Night to Go Out When You’re Broke

80 Cent 80s Night at Ruby Room

Ruby Room is a special place. Everything inside is covered in a veil of smoke and deep, red lighting. On any given night, you can expect the overly aggressive pool players to poke you in the eye with a cue stick, and the sweaty dance-floor dwellers to rub up against you. But every second Thursday of the month, it becomes even more special, because that’s when 80 Cent 80s Night takes place. All cocktails become 80 cents and all music becomes Eighties-inspired — some patrons even dress up in Eighties attire to complete the Ruby Room transformation. Ruby Room has a lot of great dive-y themed nights, such as the night when it plays only country music and the night when it invites the Goths to come gather. But 80s night is without a doubt the best, because it’s ridiculously cheap, and everyone deserves to get drunk for under five dollars sometimes. As more and more bars with $12 cocktails open up in Oakland, we should hold on to 80 Cent 80s Night tightly and cherish it — even if the cocktails do come in plastic cups when it gets too busy.


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