.Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary Selection

Harborside Health Center

Colorado and Washington are getting all the spotlight, but California remains the economic center of the cannabis industry in America. Though statewide regulations are sorely lacking, a vast network of small-batch artisanal farmers supplies dispensaries with a pound or two of their finest cuts. Competition is fierce and Bay Area patients can rest assured — they have the best, broadest selection of bud in the world. There is no better place to take an olfactory odyssey than at Harborside Health Center. The world’s largest dispensary has more than 100,000 collective members and its size creates its own kind of gravity, pulling in the best growers from across the state. If you can’t find it at Harborside, it’s probably not worth finding. Indoor. Outdoor. High THC. High CBD. Topicals. Tinctures. Dab rigs. Clones. Harborside has achieved a kind of critical mass unprecedented in weed culture that must be experienced to be believed.


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