music in the park san jose

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Yoga to the People

music in the park san jose

There is nothing stress-relieving about expensive yoga classes. It seems to defeat the purpose of going to a yoga class if it causes financial strain and stress. Yoga to the People in Berkeley is addressing this very issue. As its website puts it, “Yoga is meant to help strengthen and stretch your arms and legs, not cost you one.” The location in Berkeley offers Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes, a high-intensity type of yoga that focuses on fluid movements and conscious breathing. The class has a suggested donation of $10 dollars, but it is understood that you pay what you can, if you can. You can rent a mat yoga mat for $2 and buy water for $1. Yoga to the People recognizes that expensive classes limit the pool of people who are able to attend. The first image you see on its website features a full class of people at varying skill levels. It reads, “Yoga is for everyone.” Yoga to the People believes that pricey, flashy classes go against the very principles and purpose of the practice.


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music in the park san jose