Best Late-Night Art-Supply Fix

Longs Drugs

Back when it was Rite-Aid, the massive drugstore at the corner of 51st and Pleasant Valley in Oakland was open 24 hours, a magnet to anyone who needed motor oil, obscure junk food products, sewing supplies, potting soil, magazines, cheap T-shirts with strange logos, or the latest bodice ripper. An easy roll down the hill from CCAC, it also saved the asses of countless art students who had waited until the night before a project was due to get started, or who could not stand the light of day to roam the aisles of brushes, sketchbooks, and candle-making kits. Now as Long’s, it shuts its doors from midnight to 6 a.m., but it’s still the best place to go late at night for art supplies, whether you’ve run out of Cerulean blue to finish a masterpiece or have suddenly determined that you must stencil flower and leaf borders around all of your terra-cotta pots. There is no better place for a Martha-Stewart-on-meth moment anywhere in the Bay Area, and how many of the “real” art-supply stores also feature condoms, cold medicine, and TV dinners?

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