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Acala Studios

Acala Studios is a workspace for glass artists who make ornate smoking vessels with far more impressive craftsmanship than those found at your typical head shop. But the warehouse itself is filled with art from another local artistic community. Every wall in the studio is covered in works of art — many of which were chosen with help from mural consultants Fuming Guerilla Productions — by the area’s best graffiti and street art practitioners. One wall features a giant Native American shaman painted by IROT, and another is emblazoned with a flaming mystical god by Urban Aztec aka Jesse Hernandez. An incredible prancing skeleton deer by local tattoo artist Analy Nakat, and colorful walls by Nite Owl and Joey Colombo also grace the inside. There’s a wealth of works outside, too, by local celebrities, including GATS and Ernest Doty. You can’t just wander into the studio — there’s a lot of fragile glass and open flames — but it might be worth learning to blow glass just to hang out in a space so decked-out with local art. It can’t be that hard, can it?


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