.Best Herbal Remedies (No, Not That Kind of Herbal)

Homestead Apothecary Tinctures

Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts made by dissolving herbs in alcohol, and no one in the East Bay is better at the tincture trade than Homestead Apothecary. Homestead carries concoctions for any number of ailments, from stress to PMS pain to allergies. Taking just a few drops a day, many people have used tinctures to find relief from hair loss, enjoy increased circulation, or gain better access to the subconscious. Homestead also carries single ingredient tinctures for anyone looking for nutritional supplements like feverfew, lavender, or blue vervain. They can even work up a custom tincture unique to you and your needs. Many of their herbs are sourced in Oakland, and all ingredients are soaked in alcohol for an entire moon cycle to ensure proper potency. Small bottles start at $30.


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