Best Hair Alchemist

Lisa Galipault at Tique Salon

Don’t think of her as a hairstylist; think of her as your very own
alchemist, someone who knows just from your aura (or the look on your
face) what you’re like, how you could look a lot better, and what color
and shape your hair should be. Accept it: Lisa Galipault knows better
than you do. She’s an artiste des cheveux and something of a
clairvoyant. Trust her and she’ll reward you many times over with a
fashionable cut that makes you shiny and new. She transforms women
— and guys, too — from Berkeley-boring to pretty/handsome
and stylish. She’s the only one in her salon, if you don’t count Lily,
Leo, and Baby, her three exquisitely well-behaved dogs scrunched
together like cashews on their doggie pillow. There’s also a caged and
occasionally squawky parrot. While waiting for color to adhere you can
recline in luxury on the chaise lounge and catch up on People
magazines so you won’t have to read them at the checkout line. Prices
range from $45 for cuts for men to $65 for women; color and highlights
cost more.
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